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Monday, September 14, 2009

Green Shoots? Yeah Right.

There is nothing more amazing than optimism. It stuns me every time I see it. It is unfathomable, unbelievable, every time it crosses a human face. And yet there it is, eternally shining, eternally mouthing the same old lines: "Tomorrow is another day!"

What is there to be so happy about? What is there to be hopeful about? There are a few good developments in computers and some other arcane fields of science. Stem cells, super colliders, carbon nanotubes, and all that jazz. Even here, it's a far cry from the pace of invention we used to sustain. Aside from the internet in 1990 and the computer in 1970 or so, we haven't done anything important in ages. Our space program was more developed in the 1960's than it is today -- at least back then we were regularly journeying to the moon and back. The car was invented in 1900. Genetically modified crops have only allowed a population boom which has ultimately made us worse off. The Refrigerator, Telephone, Telegram, railroads (that used to run much faster than the ones we use today!), the light bulb, everything was invented in the 1800's. Even antibiotics were discovered early in the 20th century -- ever since then we've been fighting a losing battle as the diseases evolve to be immune to them all. My point being, the standard of living and the material possessions we are surrounded with, are not largely different from a man of 1900! Meanwhile, by several other measures, we have declined ferociously.

IQ has gone down this entire century. Don't bother me with the wretched flynn effect. There's no way in hell joe schmoe of today is 20 IQ points smarter than the average newspaper reader of the 1700's was (read the political arguments going on in those days, that all adults were expected to keep up with, like Thomas Paine's Common Sense or the Federalist Papers); There is no way in hell Diane Feinstein is 20 IQ points smarter than Thomas Jefferson, the stamp of man who used to belong to our government. Go back into the past and you see towering geniuses everywhere, inventing, discovering, debating, creating, on a level no one of the 21st century hopes to approach. You also see a better mannered, better educated, better dressed, better behaved lower and middle class, than anything we have today. By no possible measure are we smarter than our forebears, except by the wretched Flynn effect continuously trotted out to defy human biodiversity.

Furthermore, it is only natural that when a High IQ population like whites goes from 30% of world population, to 10% of world population, smaller now than even the number of blacks (read, monkey-men) in the world, that worldwide IQ has dropped precipitously since 1900. It is only getting worse. All the population projections have us continuing to collapse, alongside our East Asian brethren who also refuse to breed, and prolific races like Arabs, Africans, and Hispanics continuously expanding into the breach. How can there be hope for a world that has lost all its smartest members? Not only between races, but within races, the smartest people have the fewest children, the dumbest people have the most children. The formula is a total disaster, and no one is doing anything to stop it. Intelligence is being bred out of the human genome. We are devolving to fit current circumstances, an environment that rewards liars, thieves, and beggars above all others. Just as the cuckoo bird, the mosquito, and the cockroach have all found successful niches in the game of life, the human being is evolving into a parasitic species, one that succeeds only upon the backs of their victims, and never accomplishes anything for itself. Since no one is stopping them, why shouldn't they continue to do so? There are no rules in the game of life, only war -- just as the animal kingdom has its parasites, humanity also has the potential for parasitism. If the environment rewards such behavior with higher birth rates and financial success, that is what humanity will become. There is no stopping mother nature! And don't think this is some sort of long term process that isn't important. In just three or four generations, Russian scientists had completely changed the nature of the foxes they bred. Under heavy enough selective pressures, evolution can occur in an eyeblink. Today we are under these heavy selective pressures --

More people are 'dying' off today (by not having children) than during the Black Plague. How many generations do you think it took to evolve a resistance against the Black Plague, considering you died if you didn't have it? Yeah, that's right, probably less than four. Now consider this: If this enormous die-off goes on for three or four generations (let's start the clock at 1960, after the baby boom), do you think humans won't have evolved just as radically, just as much? Or think about it like this -- there might well be 100 year olds sitting around who are just like humanity used to be -- independent, intelligent, well mannered, proud. At the same time, 5 additional generations have already been born and raised, each of them suffering a severe cutback on the same scale as the black plague, every single one of them under heavy selective pressure to be a liar, a thief, and a beggar -- every single one of them under heavy selective pressure to be unintelligent -- because intelligence is the kiss of death -- because intelligent women no longer have 'time' for the whole messy business of reproduction, and getting that new fancy car or pearl necklace (because I deserve it!) absolutely has to come first.

Do you really think that mankind can withstand that kind of selective pressure? On one side, rewarding liars (machiavellian insurance agents, bankers, speculators, advertisers, politicians, lobbyists, lawyers), thieves (criminals and voters who vote for socialist handouts), and beggars (refugees, welfare recipients, beneficiaries of charity and technology they did not invent and could not maintain without outside help.), with enormous population booms the like of which the world has never seen: Going from the 2 billion population of 1950 to the 7 billion of today -- an almost four fold increase. And on the other hand - ! Oh God, the horrible reality of the other hand -- ! The few decent, honorable, intelligent, productive classes, having on average 1 child per two parents, for five generations in a row, such that at the beginning there were 32 great-great-great-grandparents, there is now only one child.

Let's repeat this! World population has quadrupled. The population of smart, honest, good newborns is now 1/32 of what it used to be. The proportion of smart people to dumb people on earth, then, is 1/128th what it used to be. That evolutionary pressure is the severest one can possibly imagine, it is completely changing the nature of mankind. The good people of the world have been stricken low by nothing short of a nuclear holocaust, the near complete annihilation of their existence. Meanwhile the termites, frogs, and pond scum, have quadrupled, spreading like some oil spill into the depths and breadth of the gene pool.


Conservatives are bragging about their million man march on Washington D.C. Let it be ten million! Do you honestly think the democrats will ever lose another election, once amnesty is passed? Do you really think blacks and mexicans, jews and asians, women and gays, won't march in the hundreds of millions to the polls come 2012, and vote in another socialist just like they did this election? What is a million people in the USA???? If those million people had signed my petition and agreed to fight their way into a new future, then yes, it would mean something. But a million cowards who want to wave signs around before bowing to the 'legitimate rule' of democracy and communism, don't mean a damn thing. McCain got well over a million votes -- who fucking gives a damn if a million people make a peaceful demonstration that yes, they are still McCain supporters????? Because that is all the 'conservative right' has to offer. More and more of the same garbage! The same liberal horse-shit they pretend to oppose! Republicans have been president for the majority of 1950 to today. During that time, has a single social program been repealed? Have we gained any freedom? Is our tax burden any lighter? Of course not. We have more regulations, higher taxes, and a debt of 70 trillion dollars we can never, ever repay. THANKS REPUBLICANS. Let's have a great tea party and get another Republican back in office, who will save us from the evil democrats! Don't make me laugh, don't make me CHOKE on this LIE, this FARCE, that is the two party system!

Republicans dream that they can somehow spike the health care bill. First off, they can't. The democrats have complete control of Congress and the Presidency. But let's ignore that. Why don't we just focus on the fact that health prices have risen, skyrocketed, beyond all imagination, since 1950. At the same time, the health of Americans has plummeted since 1950. What did they think would happen? First off, we've imported and bred nothing but morons for half a century, all of whom don't take care of themselves. Obesity, fetal alcohol syndrome, AIDS, diabetes, all of this is weighing our medical system down, and all of it is largely found among minorities. Second, our mental health has gone so far down, that practically half the country is designated insane and in need of happy pills! Let me repeat, in 1900, when heroin, opium, and all the rest was legal, there were only 100,000 drug users in America. Now around 40% of the population uses drugs, even though we have fought a 'War on Drugs' for two decades and have sentencing penalties higher than for murderers. Now add in Prozac, Ritalin, and all the rest of our happy pills -- ! I'm sure we're getting near 100% at this rate, a nation-wide insane asylum with everyone taking their pills to avoid complete mental breakdowns every day. Oh yes, happy days are here again. The best proof that the good times are truly rolling, is that everyone has to be on medication just to wake up in the morning or go to sleep at night. All of this while health care fetches a higher and higher share of people's budgets. It's practically 20% of the entire economy -- but has it cured any of us? Are any of us healthier than we used to be? Of course not. You cannot destroy the family, you cannot destroy all healthy beliefs and ideals, you cannot flood our country with unhealthy idiots, and improve our health -- physical or mental.

How's this for health care reform? Abort all babies with genetic diseases. Return to the model of the nuclear family. Keep a mother at home to love and cherish her children, so they grow up emotionally healthy. Marry at an early age, before betrayals loneliness and lies have shredded every heart into black nihilist despair, and then have children and love them just like you were loved as children by your parents. Improve the IQ of the population through self-selecting migration followed by matching birth rates of individuals to their high or low IQ. Let old people die of old age and don't drag on their lives indefinitely -- teach people that death is nothing because our blood and our work continues as one collective beating heart that will never fade, that will inherit the stars thanks to the work we do today. In that way, all the modern causes of poor health -- obesity, smoking, STD's, alcohol, drugs, gunshot wounds, all of it would disappear. In its place would be a healthy people who never needed any health care. We could lower the price of health care to 1% of GDP or something, and everyone could afford it easily. But there is no program on earth, however you juggle the numbers, that can fund the health of a suicidal people. A country that gathers up a giant bonfire and then sets itself aflame, is trying to hire firefighters to come put the fire out, all the while heaping on more fuel, more gasoline, more matches and burning themselves at a frenzied pace. It's an unimaginable sight, straight from Dante's Inferno -- pure madness!

Unemployment is 'leveling off,' they say. Well that's great, that's just dandy. Unemployment can now stay leveled off at 20% or so, what a fine number to level off at. No one is going to get hired, because, let's be honest, we haven't created any new jobs in something like 20 years. The only jobs these days come from government, who hires people to take money from other people and give it to other people, while taking a cut for themselves in this organized thievery. A REAL JOB that actually PRODUCES SOMETHING -- when's the last time such a job was created in America? We have lost millions of jobs in manufacturing. Farming requires massive subsidies to even stay afloat. Here is how bad it's gotten -- women are now a larger percentage of the workforce than men. Does this mean women are more productive than men? Well, no. It just means that men can no longer find any real jobs, while women are still quite handily finding fake jobs -- teachers that don't teach anything in public schools, bureaucrats who steal our money for 'our own good,' luxury goods designers like clothes and cosmetics no one needs, clerks who smile to their customers and waitresses who serve their tables earning minimum wage.

Meanwhile a few sharks at the top earn, on average, $700,000 a year. These bankers and brokers and financial analysts and what have you, who just lost our country 12 trillion dollars -- are earning $700,000 a year for having done so. That's right. If you hold up a store and steal a hundred dollars, America throws you in jail for five years. But if you hold up the American taxpayer for 12 trillion dollars, we tell them a job well done and hand them a $700,000 bonus on the side. The most blatant theft in history has higher rewards in a year than anything a humble American can ever hope to earn, in his entire life. What is the point of working in the face of such a disheartening fact? What is the point in effort, or production, or anything, when staring at these fat cat's paychecks? Rather than work, why don't we just drag every single rich person out of their homes, shoot them, and take their money? It could support the rest of us for the rest of our lives. It would also be the first gleam of justice in the last fifty years for the American worker.

Let's talk about immigration. The BNP has won 2 seats. Immigration is down with the lower economy in the USA. Whee! Let's all cheer! Oh wait, in both the UK and the USA, over 50% of children born are non-white. That means IMMIGRATION DOESN'T MEAN JACK SHIT ANYMORE. The immigration debate is over, it's now utterly meaningless. Whether a billion new immigrants flood into our countries, or we shut the door and don't let a single one in, we are already doomed to become extinct in our own homelands. So how about we NOT talk about immigration, since the whole debate is now pointless, meaningless puffery? There is only one debate left concerning immigrants -- either you support A) mass deportations, B) secession, C) wholesale liquidations, D) The extinction of all whites worldwide. While we've been debating immigration this year, a million new immigrants entered the USA, another million entered Europe. The debate is over, we lost. It is too late to curtail immigration anymore, the dam is burst and the waters are flooding in, unchecked, unstopped, unrestricted by anyone or anything. The future is hopeless. All the sites like Vdare, Amren, FAIR, NumbersUSA, all of them are whistling past the graveyard. They pretend like all we have to do is stop non-white immigration and everything will be fine. When in fact they all know, just like I do, just like the liberals know, that we will be a non-white majority either way, and the only difference will be a decade forward or back now. And all these cowards, afraid of upsetting their audience, afraid of telling the truth, afraid of endorsing the only actions that could truly save our people, endlessly whine to the wind, getting nowhere. Like a flywheel connected to nothing, the hamsters just spin and spin inside. Maybe they're right. Maybe no one will support measures A, B, or C. But in that case they should just give up and endorse D like everyone else has. Because if we don't support A, B, or C, then we're just as doomed, no matter what else we say or do.

The stock market is up? From what? It used to be at 14,000. Now it's at 9,500. Taking into account inflation, do such numbers even mean anything? The dollar today is worth 4 cents of the 1913 dollar. So the Dow Jones was at 80 in 1913, which equates to 2,000 in today's dollars. But wait -- we're forgetting population! Naturally the stock market's size should increase as the population of America increases. The population was 97 million people then, so let's just round to 100 million. Today it's around 307 million. So let's just round to 300 million. So, the stock market should naturally be three times as high as it was in 1913. So now we're up to 6,000 in today's dollars, per capita. That's right, in real terms, our stock market is one third larger than it was in 1913. A great recovery from March 2008, where the stock market was at 6,547. That's right, at a certain point in this depression, we had actually managed to lower our economy to the SAME LEVEL OF WEALTH AS 1913 AMERICA. After all the financial gimmicks and lying wizardry is done, the American people are no richer than we were in 1913, per capita, or barely richer than we were then. Meanwhile, we have become tens of times more productive in terms of $ per hour worked. We have completely industrialized our economy, gone from a sleepy rural life to a world leading powerhouse, the richest country on Earth, etc -- and yet after all that, where has the money gone? It has been criminally frittered away, wasted, destroyed, and stolen by both our parasitic elites and parasitic underclass. The value of the United States is no higher, despite all of the inventions and all of the productivity gains and all of the oil we've burnt and all the computers we use and everything, because of the saboteurs, the sharks in our midst!

Now instead of being vastly wealthy on the backs of our vast natural resources and machine powered labor and computerized information processing -- we are 70 trillion dollars in debt. I wonder how indebted America was in 1913? I bet their financial prospects were a bit better than ours! Apparently 2 billion dollars (is that inflation adjusted? Who knows, so let's say it was 50 billion dollars, inflation adjusted, and 150 billion dollars, population adjusted.) 150 billion dollars, whew! That's a bit less than 70 trillion. Lucky them. As far as I'm concerned the economy was healthier back then -- they had a brighter future than we do.

The economy will not recover, it's obvious why it CANNOT recover. Demographics is destiny. If we are going to be a third world people, we will have a third world economy. If blacks and hispanics are going to turn America into a giant Los Angeles, then we'll be as bankrupt as California. There cannot be a more obvious, more stark, more apparent truth than the ghost town of Detroit. That's our future, it's the only future America can have, because that is the race that has supplanted us. We who sailed the oceans, tamed the lightning bolt and landed on the moon. Disgusting.

But even supposing other races could be as intelligent and productive as ourselves, the economy has never prospered anyway. So long as 99% of our wealth is wasted on unproductive work and parasites, on meaningless wars, health care for people Nature meant to die of old age, welfare moms with 30 kids and zero dads, 300 pairs of shoes per woman, interest on all of our debts, giant fat bonuses for bankers and lawyers who have made a career out of legalized theft -- it's not like the economy could ever prosper anyway. Like any terminally ill patient, it's obvious that the virus has overcome our immune system, is rapidly reproducing, outnumbers all of our still healthy blood cells, t cells, and lymphocytes, and is tearing away at our last reserves of vitality even as we speak.

Productive workers have long been outnumbered, outgunned, and overpowered by the evil liars and thieves around them. Despite heroic advances in technology, despite heroic advances in world trade, despite heroic advancements in infrastructure, the number of liars, beggars, and thieves has bankrupted us anyway. Their rapaciousness far outstrips our innovation, it is a black hole and we are already inside the event horizon.

Illegitimacy rates used to be around 3% Now they're around 50% in Europe, 40% in the USA. The numbers climb every year. In a couple generations, there will be no such thing as marriage. It is impossible in a climate where women make more money than men, where alpha males monopolize all the breeding stock, where adultery and serial polygamy are glamorized as high status and desirable in all the media. There are no green shoots here. Every year is more dismal than the last. Around the world, hundreds of millions of men are left single with no hope of ever having a family. Psychologically unsuited to compete with the gang-bangers and bar room bikers who inhabit the lower classes and reproduce like rabbits, but through intellectual or emotional impairment, also incapable of seizing that 'top 10%' niche where men become glamorous and sexy again with the infinite wealth and status high class girls dream about. These men have nothing to look forward to in life, nothing. Whether they are in China (where men outnumber women by hundreds of millions), Japan (where the average age of a woman marrying is now 30), Europe (50% illegitimacy rate) or the USA (50% divorce rate), it's all over. The men of 1900 could pretty well be assured of having a wife and two kids. Even if they had a small house, or no house at all. Even if they died young in the railroads or the coal mines. They could get out of school, and expect to shortly have an arm around their wife's waist, and a baby bouncing on their knee. (God, it hurts just imagining that kind of happiness, and yet to them it would have sounded like nothing special at all!) That was the birthright of our ancestors. Today. . .nothing. We can expect nothing. If we don't fit into the 'top 10%' or the 'bottom feeding pond scum' demographic section, we can expect to never marry, never have children, and just die. Just hurry up and die -- that's all our women want from us, that's all they're going to want from us, so long as this culture is maintained.

There's no hope in other directions as well. For instance, evolution was discovered by Charles Darwin in 1860, Capitalism was invented by Adam Smith in 1776 or so. Even though both have been scientifically proven beyond all doubt, today there are as few adherents to either as ever! Instead 50% of America are still mind-numbingly stupid creationists. Instead socialism, which has failed over and over and over again, is in power all over the globe. In 1800, most of the world was still ruled by an aristocracy, a constitutional monarch, or some other elite that lived by a code of honor and tradition. Today we are all mobocracys, voting by the lowest common denominator, ruled by idiots instead of geniuses. And while Michelangelo was being funded by the government of Florence in the 1500's, and Shakespeare hosted by Queen Elizabeth in the 1600's, today entertainers cater to the crowd -- and their entertainment is just as stupid, low, and crass as the crowd they entertain. Brittney Spears. Michael Jackson. You get the idea.

Artistically, we have regressed. Ideologically, we have become relativists and nihilists, where before we were the philosophers of the Enlightenment. Where race realism was apparent to every last man on the street, now barely 1% dare to breathe its name. Where sodomy was reviled everywhere, now we allow gays to marry and adopt children. Everything is going backwards, regressing, just like the genetics of our people. Regressing further and further backwards, into the new dark ages. Even machines cannot save us from ourselves and our poisoned, awful beliefs. Our decline is visible all around us. The Empire State Building was built in a year. It was built in 1930. The 'Freedom Tower' hasn't built a single floor in 8 years. It has all the modern technology and materials of 2009 to work with. It has a population three times as large to hire from. It has everything, the vast resources of the entire United States of America -- and it cannot build a damn first floor in eight years. Does this sound like an upward moving nation? Does this sing of progress? Is this cause for optimism? For hope?

In 1900 we were writing about journeys to the moon and the center of the earth. In 2009 we write about vampires sucking each other's blood. Is this cause for hope?

Let's face it. There are no green shoots. Nothing is going right. We aren't making any progress. We have no cause for optimism.

There are ways to improve our situation, but they narrow down to two basic acts: A technological singularity that replaces mankind, or a violent revolution that founds a new nation for a new, carefully selected and carefully bred and carefully led people. We can hope for one or the other, and nothing else. Our energy should be dedicated to one or the other, and nothing else. We should argue for one or the other, and nothing else. We should endorse one or the other, and nothing else. The flakey conservatives who crow over one meaningless victory or another, one hopeful sign or another, are just the opium of the malcontents. A safety valve. While taking pride in delaying the health care bill, or winning another meaningless election, or defeating the Iraqi insurgents, or whatever, the inexorable trends keep closing in, and the water keeps rising and rising over our heads. It is as senseless to believe in a conservative victory today, as to imagine the battle of the bulge was the great turning of the tides and the Nazis would win WWII from here out. By God, I have the deepest respect for the people who fought the Battle of Berlin, with no hope at all in their breasts, blaring out the Gotterdamerung over their radios, instead of any further military orders! Those people are feasting in Valhalla. But the German who died thinking they were just about to turn the tide, who thought the Battle of the Bulge, or Kursk, or some other meaningless short victory, was a 'green shoot' leading towards the promised land -- you pitiable poor deluded souls!

Let's not charm ourselves with will o' the wisps of false hopes. Let's not weaken ourselves with siren songs of empty prospects. It is beneath us. Reality is grim, we must be even grimmer. The world is harsh, we must be even harsher. That is the only path out of our nightmare.

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