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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Japan, the Perfect Model for a White Nation:

Japan is so unbelievably better than the rest of the world it's hard to explain.

Japan has its own religion, Shintoism, which people can seek solace in but are not ruled by or made into irrational fools with. A religion that specifically appeals to the Japanese people, and says their Emperor is directly descended from the Sun God, and that Japan is a divinely special place.

Japan has its own varieties of dress, music, plays, ceremonies, holidays, gardening -- a completely separate identity from the rest of the world. Every Japanese born is born into this unique cultural matrix that lets them feel connected to everyone around them -- and separate from all the Gaijan who live abroad.

Japan is an island and immune to illegal immigration.

Japan has its own unique and distinguished history, unrelated to the outside world. They have their own heroes, wars, monuments/architecture and cultural accomplishments they can take pride in and learn from.

Japan's crime rate is basically zero.

Japan has never been conquered/colonized/invaded in war, nor has the imperial line's descent ever been broken in recorded history.

Japan's economy is second only to the USA in size plus per capita GDP.

Japan's average IQ is 110.

Japan is around 98% Japanese, and has no intentions as of yet to invite immigrants from elsewhere to change this reality.

Japan's video games, anime, jpop music and the like are a rich and uplifting culture far better than the media Americans produce for themselves.

Japan's spoken language is mellifluous and beautiful, with a vowel between every single consonant. While preserving their own language and identity outsiders rarely can penetrate, they also learn English and can thus speak freely with the outside world.

Japan is innovative and flexible, willing to adopt the economics, technology, and politics from others that they see is adaptive. Japan in this sense is the opposite of North Korea and shows how successful a model of 'at arm's reach globalism' can be.

Japan has a socialist safety net ensuring the welfare of all Japanese, while also having one of the lowest illegitimacy rates and divorce rates in the world. Though Japanese are not sexual prudes or Victorians, their rates of STD's, adultery, and the like are all extremely low. Basic virtue and temperance is simply the norm. With few natural resources, Japan still uses the ingenuity, intelligence, education and skills of its people to export massive quantities of goods to the outside world, thus feeding and supply themselves with all the world's bounty in an eminently peaceful manner.

Japanese science is above average in many fields like electronics, robotics, fusion power, and space flight.

Japanese have practically the highest lifespan on earth.

The Japanese have not been in a war since WWII, and yet have maintained all of their foreign interests and the sovereignty of their nation just fine. The Japanese GDP spent on defense is extremely low. The Japanese point the way to a civilized and peaceful path other nations could follow; A path that does not interfere in the domestic affairs or wars of far-off places, but looks out only for itself.

Though the Japanese have a radically low birth rate, it is justified by the obvious problem that as a small island nation with three times the population of the comparably sized state of California, a little breathing room would not be such a bad thing.

Japanese public facilities are meticulously clean and impressive. Their bullet trains and subways are the best in the world.

Japanese athletes bring distinction and honor to their nation every Olympics, with impressive performances in a variety of sports.

No less a distinguished white nationalist than Jared Taylor grew up in Japan and constantly wishes we could mimic that blessed isle:

Even so, there are some things Japanese don't have, that are just as precious as everything I've listed above:

The beauty of the white race. From our height, to our fair skin, to our muscular (or curvacious in the case of our women) build, to the variety of colors in our eyes and hair, the Japanese cannot hope to compete.

The legacy of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

The legacy of the Greeks and the Romans.

The courage, independence, and intrepidity of our explorers, scientists, political dissidents, revolutionaries and pioneers.

The sheer size and power of the White race, who once conquered the world.

Modern inventions and accomplishments that dwarf the rest of the world combined, from cars, to airplanes, to computers and lasers, to splitting the atom and landing on the moon.

The beauty of our Classical music, folk music, and the voices of our women.

Therefore, as we watch with envy the Japanese homeland prosper while we decline, let's all remember that if whites embraced a pro-white politics and morality in a white homeland, such a gem would be so resplendent that Japan could only hope to come in a distant second. Our potential is infinite. Theirs, is mostly spent. ;).

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Shakinginmyshoes said...

Lovely article. I've never been to Japan. I'd like to see it.

I'd make one point. Japan spends a tiny portion of its GDP on defense because it's not allowed to spend more.

When Japan surrendered in WWII, U.S. made it a condition of surrender that Japan NEVER raise an army, ever again, and that WE, the U.S. taxpayers, would provide Japan's defense.

So, because Japan need not pay for its own defense, that frees up lots of money to provide a generous social safety net.