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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diversity's 'Victims.'

No one can be both the perpetrator of a crime and the innocent victim of it. Morally speaking, anyone who supports or endorses diversity in any way, deserves whatever comes from said diversity. A memorable scene from Atlas Shrugged speaks about this phenomena. When two trains crash into each other, killing hundreds of 'innocent civilians,' Ayn Rand goes through the personal life of each and every passenger. It turns out all of them were somehow benefiting from, contributing to, or endorsing the Marxist values that led to the breakdown in civilization that inevitably led to train accidents such as those. It's a great scene, and it helps to clarify moral issues to an extent rarely seen in most people's thinking.

No one who suffers from a nation's ills, can complain if they are part and parcel of the disease. It's ridiculous to complain that a teacher who teaches children Marxism should complain that train operators should still be professionals who put merit above 'need.' You asked for an equal world, well now you get it. A world where no one is responsible, and no one takes pride in their work as train operators or technicians. A world so run down and bereft of joy, that people would rather lay low and let the inevitable happen, than sacrifice themselves to protect others. You see, everything you do eventually returns to you, like a boomerang. The effect is rarely direct. Rarely does someone pass a law lowering train security, then get on a train and die in a horrible accident. No, what they do is weaken the system somewhere, anywhere, and the system as a whole sags just that millimeter more -- until something has to give. Just like any fault line, tension can build up in places thousands of miles away, then erupt and explode at the point of least resistance. Today it's a train accident, tomorrow it's a plane crashing into a skyscraper, the day after Death comes for you. Civilization Wreckers have only themselves to blame, and though they didn't directly cause their own deaths, they indirectly caused their own deaths, and that's good enough for me.

I don't want to hear people like Seiyo talk about jews as being 'victims' of diversity. As for his list of jews who died to black or muslim crime: I have a simple question for him -- how many of those jews helped end segregation? How many have crippled the law enforcement system by coddling criminals and letting them out early? How many have attempted to ban guns or succeeded in doing so in their area? How many have contributed money to the Democratic Party? How many have voted for a Democrat? How many of these jews have pushed for increased black or hispanic or muslim immigration into the country before dying to diverse criminals? If any of them have had any hand in destroying our civilization, in wrecking the Norman Rockwell existence America had in the 1950's, then don't claim they are victims. They are not victims, they are enablers, collaborators, perpetrators. Like someone who spreads anthrax across the country but accidentally gets sick and dies by leaving some of the powder on his own hands, these jews have virulently spread their leftist poison across America. Anything that happens to them is the direct result of their own actions. They are not victims! Don't you dare try to conflate truly innocent victims, who have no hand in the way America has been changed, who have never supported the changes that America has undergone, who have fought desperately for a return to white western civilization -- and jews who have been working diligently this whole time to destroy it.

Next Seiyo will write a piece showing the summoners of dark gods and demons are the FIRST AND FOREMOST victims of said dark gods and demons, they are like CANARIES IN THE COALMINE because the first person who always dies in those rituals tends to always be the very people who summon them, hoping for power or destruction or riches or suchlike. Let's all pity the demon summoners, after all, they suffer most of all from said demons! They lose their souls, are devoured, who knows what horrible things! Most people, even when a demon is summoned, never even meet a demon or are affected at all. But nearly 100% of demon summoners are affected in some negative way by demons! Demon Summoners are the Primary victims of demons and need our sympathy and support above all other groups!

This doesn't just mean jews though. It applies to everyone. Nationalists constantly complain about how many white women are being raped, but why should we? Since women themselves don't give a damn about it, why should we? What have these 'victimized' women been doing all their lives? Have they been voting democrat? Have they been encouraging immigration? Have they been ostracizing and insulting racists and falling all over and mating with 'anti-racists?' Have they voted for more lenient criminal codes or to ban guns because they felt they were too 'violent' and 'mean-spirited.'? I will wait before extending any sympathy to these women, until I know whether they brought it on themselves or not. Not by 'dressing like sluts,' which is ridiculous. But simply by this -- did they contribute to the dismantling of our civilization which includes increased rape rates, or did they fight against it? I have no tears to spare for the guilty.

Let me just serve notice -- anyone who supports any policy that leads to increased crime, then suffers from a crime, is not a victim. They are not innocent. They may as well be the criminal themselves. It's just like in a war. If civilians support their leader who sends them into a war, if civilians support and approve of the war, don't come crying to me when civilians die due to that war. What did you want, some sort of moral pass where it's okay to wage war but you're still innocent because you aren't directly carrying the gun? Who is paying for that gun? You, the taxpayer. Who voted for the President who started the war? You, the voter. Who cheered when he made his declaration of war speech and told all your friends this was a great and good war? You, the patriot. If bombs land on your doorstep, don't come crying to me about how innocent you were. About how you were a non-combatant or whatever. War is a war between two people, not two armies, using all the resources they have available -- you are a resource for your side and eliminating that resource is just as sensible as eliminating a soldier on the battlefield. I don't want to hear Japanese whining to us about Hiroshima, there is a phrase for this kind of situation: "For they sow the wind, and they reap the whirlwind."

Who are the innocents, then? Well, I can think of a few. Children. People who were powerless to prevent the tidal wave of other people's actions, but did nothing wrong themselves. People who opposed what was going on, but were too weak to stop it. People who were lied to and deceived into supporting something they thought was right and were told was right. People who are not aware of the facts.

For the last two categories, however, their innocence is conditional. Once someone has told you the facts or exposed the lies being told to you, you no longer have any excuses left to ignore them. Someone given a choice between truth and lies, who chooses lies, is guilty. Someone who has never had a choice and only ever been fed lies their whole life, is innocent. That is why, by telling everyone we know the truth of this world, we are performing a very important duty. We are saving the souls of the innocent, and we are condemning the souls of the guilty. We are separating the wheat from the chaff, so that when the day arrives, no one can say "But Lord, we didn't know!" Everyone who appears on judgment day, will be asked, "Were you not told of these things? Did we not display Our signs? Did our prophets not preach My coming?" And when people say "We heard, but we would not believe." Or "We heard, but we did not come." They will have no one but themselves to blame, for what happens next.

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