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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hope from the BNP?

Whenever I want a political 'pick-me-up' I click on .

Every day the good news keeps streaming in. "Unprecedented interest in the BNP." "More members joining the BNP every day." I see one of the busiest websites in the world at the locus of a truly organized, funded, and grassroots activized nationalist party. To make it that much sweeter, the leaders of the BNP are not stooges and are some of the brightest thinkers in the white nationalist movement, like Arthur Kemp.

It's pretty clear the BNP, in the interest of respectability, is pulling its punches. For instance at one time the leader of the party Nick Griffen was willing to go on the record denying the Holocaust (TM), but now says he is certain it happened and that he loves jews with an undying fervor. It doesn't matter. If the BNP's platform were actually implemented, it would be a miracle and the salvation of Britain. Not only do they intend to block all further immigration, they are going to repatriate as many muslims as they can. They will deport criminals, block all welfare to asylum seekers, and pay recent immigrants to leave. Instead of the UK turning into a majority mud nation with one of the highest crime and tax rates in the world, it will be one of the only stable, healthy, and prosperous nations on earth as the century proceeds.

But can it really work? A democratic election where people suddenly wake up, do a 180 degree turn, decide homogeneity is better than diversity and racism isn't truly wrong, and vote in the BNP for the new prime minister?

I can't imagine this as being possible. The numbers are against all democratic successes. Around 300,000 british people leave the UK every year because they are sick of the immigrants who are moving in. These people form the natural constituency of the BNP, and yet they have all mostly left England to its fate. Smart individually, but in the long run it means racists will never stand and fight because there's always a greener shore. Meanwhile millions of non-whites who would never vote BNP are moving in to replace them. How many more years until a BNP success is physically impossible due to demographics? Furthermore, will whites educated in public schools to hate themselves and love diversity really vote BNP? Liberalism has been in control of our schools for 40 years at least now, will anyone under the age of 40 vote BNP?? In America most young people voted for Obama, they had been properly brainwashed and the results were predictable. Why should England be any different?

There are other problems, like Tories and UKIP who attempt to hijack BNP immigration policies without any intention of actually doing anything about it. Even labor says stuff like 'no more immigration' and 'british jobs for british workers.' When everyone parrots the BNP line but only the BNP means it, it's easy for voters to be deceived and split their vote into inefficacy.

Due to the cordon sanitairre, the BNP would have to win 51% of the total vote to form a government. Practically no party can ever hope for that kind of popularity, and yet, since no other party will form a coalition with the BNP, it's easy for the BNP to rack up the plurality of the votes on election day and yet have no political power and no government position in parliament afterwards. The same happens to Vlaams Belang over and over again in Belgium, though they are the most popular party in the country. How can anyone overcome this hurdle? It's democracy turned on its head, when the largest party has the least power in government, and yet that's how Europe works.

The press, of course, is virulently anti-BNP and I can't imagine how anyone can survive that much negative press. Furthermore, it may be too late for the BNP to do anything. The people are demoralized drunkards, just like in Russia. The banking sector which formed the majority of England's wealth has vanished, unemployment is high, and somehow the BNP would be held to task for undoing all the damage the other parties did -- while being sniped at the entire time by a negative press. Who could manage such a feat? I'd much rather form an independent new nation without any debt, with moralized hand-picked people, and a press under our own control, then try to salvage some old nation mired in its own depravity. Do we even want a country like England back? Sometimes I'd rather countries like England, or states like California, would just be wiped clean by giant tsunamis and be done with it. Why should white nationalists like the BNP have to save the general public's sorry asses, who caused this mess? I'd rather we only saved ourselves -- everyone else would only drag us down and hold us back.

So politically I doubt the BNP can ever win. The conservative vote, like usual, will be split and rendered moot by a cordon sanitairre. The press will lie and smear people until everyone is too afraid to vote BNP. If they ever do succeed, just you watch the votes will be tampered with, or a court will declare the party illegal and disband it, like they did to Vlaams Blok. There is no justice in democracy. The whole thing is rigged and the election will NEVER, EVER go to a nationalist party no matter how popular they are.

But the BNP is doing something else, that is just as inspiring and hopeful, and that is, it's ORGANIZING A POLITICAL MOVEMENT OF, BY, AND FOR WHITE PEOPLE. This is an unbelievable event in America, that's just voted in a mulatto for our president. Across the atlantic, thousands, maybe millions of people will be going to the poll and voting for a white nationalist government, a white nationalist platform that not only rejects immigration and multiculturalism, but is intent on taking back all its historic soil and kicking out all foreigners!!! O.O. Can you imagine? Where is the American party offering such a platform? Where are its activists, leafletters, campaign contributors, campaign rallies, and so on? The BNP has them all, they are constantly buzzing like a healthy bee hive, the air of life is around them. People are passionate and believe they can actually make a difference, meeting people of like minds and publically standing up for their beliefs without apology, retreat or surrender. :). This type of organization is the locus of a later movement, yet more radical (as it will have to be as each passing year goes by), and an environment that insulates children of those families from outside peer pressure. Instead of being 'alone and despised' BNP children can be around other BNP children and made to feel natural, normal, loved and honored for the opinions they and their parents hold. All it would take is for these BNP campaigners to as a first step move to a single place in England and start voting in their local elections pure BNP councillors, mayors, etc. You can bet immigrants and criminals would steer clear of the areas, white history would be taught in the schools, I really can't imagine how good life would be if you could leave your home and see only white people who share your views in the streets, parks, libraries, government office, juries, and malls. The BNP can do it, because it has encouraged people to become identifiable white nationalists, and to organize politically. The sky is the limit for the BNP. If they never win an election, it won't matter, because they will have formed a permanent center for racists to orbit around, and in this manner self-sort, segregate, and start their independent lives as white-nationalist state within a state. If it prospers, more whites will seek to move into it and will add to its strength, and if the rest of the country falls apart (as its bound to do) the push factor will add to the pull factor and send yet more whites in the welcoming arms of the BNP counties. After that it wouldn't take long for the BNP to declare independence from an economically and socially ruined state, or to declare martial law and impose order on the remainder of the country, and so on. So long as the BNP remains politically organized and in communication with each other, and so long as they self-segregate into a solid portion of England's soil, it will be impossible to dislodge them. Just like how Lithuania eventually escaped from Soviet control, 'BNP-land' can exist within the UK's control indefinitely until the UK, like the USSR, finally collapses and lets them free.

Can it happen? You bet it can. There are millions of white nationalists currently actively donating and campaigning for the BNP. This is thrilling stuff, and the start of nations. What we're witnessing is the self-discovery of the ego. Suddenly, Englishmen from across the nation are discovering that they ARE. They exist, are a people, are manifold, strong, and connected. That they don't have to take this lying down, and that politics are an option for them to retake what is theirs, as well as defend what they still have.

My only fear is that some worthless Sarkozy-like rightest Tory will steal the BNP's thunder and make life somewhat manageable through some half-assed compromise. If that happens, and people trickle out of the BNP like peasants going back out of a fortified town to resume farming, I fear for them. Sarkozy did nothing to save France, all it did is put a new face on the same old genocide. He talked the talk but didn't walk the walk. The same will be done if any other party takes power, and yet, it might fool BNP members (especially new members who are merely reacting to current events instead of true believers) into lowering their guards and disintegrating as a group identity once more. I also fear the BNP, being human, will be found to have psychos, criminals, liars and other such machiavellians at the top of their party, and that it might discredit the cause as a whole. What people must understand is the cause is bigger than any personality and hold firm to their convictions. Leaving the party in disgust because someone or other is found out to be a criminal is a horrible treachery to your people and your children. We need the BNP if we are going to save even a piece of Britain for the white race, and western civilization. So whatever happens to it, stay in it and endure. The BNP must survive, it's the only party out there that can unite whites as a group, to get whites to begin thinking of themselves as a tribe, with their own interests they must protect. So keep on campaigning in the sham elections, and keep on voting BNP even if you lose every election and never get a single member of parliament, nevermind run parliament.

The BNP is not, really, a democratic path to salvation. It is a messenger, it is a vehicle, using the fireworks and pomp of an election, to continue pushing the message of white nationalism into every home, every 4 years or so we are given another chance to attract everyone we can into our bosom and change their lives forever. Keep the election fervor coming, keep distributing leaflets that say 'VOTE BNP JUNE 4th', but really mean "LIVE WHITE NATIONALISM EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR."

Now that's someting to be excited about.

For all those worried about the lack of success in the WN movement, listen to this song, lie back, and think of England:

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