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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are elites to blame?

I had an interesting conversation with someone, in which he posits the problem is not jews, but rather, all high IQ people in general. This simply includes a higher proportion of jews because they have higher IQs.

Now, this doesn't exculpate jews, as that still means they are the leadership of the forces of darkness. But what it does do, is try to understand the world from a larger frame of reference and thus understand more clearly the truth of our modern political world. So let's go with this theory. What if the issue is not the particular racist wishes of the jews to undermine their hated rivals the aryans, but a concerted desire of all elites towards their own elitist welfare, which just so happens to not have any connection to the interests and welfare of the hoi-poloi of lesser IQ?

After all, do the elites really want competition from an upwardly mobile middle class nipping at their heels? Maybe it would be better to eliminate the middle class, and replace it with only an underclass, returning to the stratified model of Feudalism or 1700's industrialism. In that case, elites would hardly desire eugenics, as that would eliminate their advantage over the competition. Instead they would want dysgenics, so that their competition steadily recedes away and returns to serfdom.

Do high IQ people want other high IQ people to be the norm? How would they get all their laundry done? Who would clean their homes and provide daycare for their kids? For a high IQ person, what do they benefit from more, uppity middle class workers demanding high wages and safe working conditions, or a sludge of mud colored races willing to work for nothing and die in droves?

Since the elites will always be rich, they can safely assume that whatever drawbacks of diversity and a low IQ population can be avoided. Sitting safely in some sort of feudal era castle, with security guards and fences, the woes of the working class can all occur safely outside their own life experiences. Crime? Well, so what, it doesn't affect me. Unemployment? Not an issue, my high IQ is so rare there's never competition for MY job. Poverty? Impossible, so long as there's any money left at all in this continent, it will largely be in our hands. It's not like black dictators in Africa are poor, despite the poverty of their nation as a whole. This will be all the more true for elites of diversity-lands in the coming west. They will not be attacked by criminals, unemployed, or poor no matter how far you extend the timeline. Not even if they are just 1% of the population, they'll still be wealthy and well off and secure behind some sort of gated community.

In short, there is no personal drawback to America, or Europe becoming 99% mud for the elites. They will continue to dominate, or become even richer and more powerful than they are today. Sure they might lose political power, but their financial power will more than make up for it. They will bribe the politicians to support them, or threaten a financial collapse if government disturbs their plutocracy, and the poor will back down. The only fear elites might hold is that someday an irrational hatred of the elites might provoke a mass slaughter of the nation's most productive class just out of spite. This is, of course, why jews worked so hard to secure the bolthole that is Israel. "Never Again!" Never again, after elites destroy the middle class and lay ruin to their host nation, will they not have a bolthole to escape to when the going gets too hot to stay there any longer. If the heat does get too high for the elites, expect a bunch of private jets flying out of there with their cash and winnings in hand, the purchase of a new mansion elsewhere, and life 'getting along as normal' despite the annoying disruption. Do elite whites have such a bolthole set up? Perhaps the bahamas, or costa rica will suffice for now. I'm sure something can be arranged when the time of mass uprisings ala haiti approaches. For now, that's hundreds of years down the pipeline and not a priority.

The problem with these elites is they feel absolutely nothing for the rest of the nation. If the rest of the nation is impoverished, beset upon by violent criminals, or unemployed, it doesn't matter to them in the slightest. The lower world never reaches their airy heights of comfort and luxury. If the rest of the country has soaring divorce rates, illegitimate children, substance abuse problems and listens to rap music, what do they care? They still marry for life, have children in a happy home, listen to classical music and refrain from drugs and alcohol. What does it matter to them that laws could be constructed to improve the living standards of the masses? They already have all those benefits without those laws, and anything that undermines their competition is just a net plus for themselves.

This is not new, from China to Europe nobility have commonly ignored the plight of the common man to such an extent that millions died off regularly from famine and disease. Hardly any peasant stock even survives, genetically, in the white genome. Life was so incredibly tough that only the privileged nobility could regularly pass on their genes from generation to generation. Samurai in Japan cared so little for the peasantry they would regularly walk up and kill one just to test out their new swords, and the Spartans were notorious for their treatment of the helots. From whence does this utter lack of empathy for the lower classes arise? Partially it is knowledge of the innate superiority of the nobility (we are like an entirely different species from those untermenschen, smarter, more virtuous, better looking and healthier than they could ever hope to be), and partially a fear of losing their always precarious hold on power, as a small minority of the population lording over a much greater mass of servants. Only utter ruthlessness can keep them down, and they deserve to be kept down ruthlessly because they suck anyway, just look at their dirty, vulgar, and brutish lives without refinement of any kind.

The high IQ elites, which are almost half jews in America, makes it look like a jewish problem, but even without jews the exact same dynamic would play out. Whether it's greek, japanese, chinese, Indian rajahs or European Barons, the peasants always get fucked in the end. The question shouldn't really be, why are the elites selling us out and dooming our nation to irretrievable suffering and destruction? The question should really be, "What miracle preserved a middle class for so long? How could such an unnatural general equality and prosperity have ever emerged?"

I would like to think the enlightenment contributed to this miracle of elites actually caring about the commoners and promoting their welfare into a stable middle class. Such passionate reformers as Rousseau, Voltaire, Hume, Russell, Charles Dickens and Leo Tolstoy all worked diligently to show other smart, rich people how cruel their manner of life was and how truly good the commoners they ruled were. After breaking down the ruthlessness of the rich towards the poor, the poor soon emerged as a political force to be reckoned with and managed many critical reforms that ensured their place in the middle class: Labor laws, housing laws, the banning of slavery and serfdom, free public education for all, free health care for all, a minimum wage and democracy itself were all attempts to rein in the rich elites and give a voice to the common folk that would allow them an independent standard of living the rich could no longer take away. It didn't take long, however, for these institutions to be infiltrated, corrupted, and returned to the control of the rich. After all, the elites have the higher IQ, and thus in any competition over time they will win. No matter what system is used or what laws are passed to help out the middle class and commoners, the rich will eventually gain power and corrupt them to serve their own ends. Thus, at the very moment laws were being passed that would ensure a high standard of living for the middle class, the rich were finding ways to get around them.

No more slavery? I guess we'll just use illegal immigrant labor then. Democracy? I guess we'll import an electorate that will vote for us then. Labor laws? Minimum wage? Free education for all? Well then, we just need to do our work off the books, or inflate the currency to the point that the minimum wage is a joke, or dumb down the public schools so that only private school children have any chance at success in life. There is no law the elites cannot get around or gimmick in their favor, simply because they are smart and rich and we aren't. The only real protection of the common folk was the moral sense the Enlightenment gave the elites to genuinely care for us and want us to prosper alongside themselves.

No one who reads the greats of the enlightenment, especially Charles Dickens, can go away feeling nothing for their fellow man. The old practices of letting starvation and disease cart away millions of their compatriots, of trying out swords on innocent bystanders to see how sharp they are, or of stacking 100 women into a room with no windows or ventilation and watching them all die helplessly in a fire, CANNOT exist in elites who are educated towards a certain moral sense of love for humanity and compassion for its weaker members. Steinbeck's accounts of the great depression should make even the most cold-hearted flint-fisted capitalist wonder why, when fellow americans were starving, people were destroying their own potato crops and guarding against vagrants hoping to forage DISCARDED FOOD. Classical liberalism has a weakness though, in that it relies on culture to be the conscience of the rich. When culture becomes depraved or nihilist, when the compassion of Christianity is replaced with a vague hedonism, authors such as Solzhenitsyn and Dostoeveskey who formed the conscious and good will towards the people at large are no longer heard. They may well be diligently writing away every day, but if they aren't published and advertised and read, their effect is diluted and ultimately stymied. The Enlightenment has to occur every generation, every single generation of the elites must read and watch new art, new music, new culture that encourages a certain softness and love inside them for their fellow man. Such a precarious requirement for truly great artists to be around, as a sort of priestly class, for the elites to confess to and learn from, is bound to collapse sooner or later as one generation drops the ball -- either a particularly coarse and hardened audience, or a particularly mediocre and unconvincing culture.

One of the strongest counters to elitist scorn for the common folk is racial solidarity. When people love their race as a whole, from top to bottom, or even their nation as a whole "we poles," "we englishmen" etc, the class divides disappear. With such a mindset, elites do not watch the commoners waste away while drinking wine and discussing the next horse races, or make ridiculous statements like "let them eat cake." Instead, they do everything in their power to save their 'brothers,' people of their own race who carry the same unique worth as they themselves have. Hitler was not from any elite heritage, and lived penniless and starving on the streets, fought on the front lines of WWI and was gassed in defense of his country. While the nobility ignored the plight of the poor, or sent them into hopeless meatgrinders like WWI, Hitler offered another way: Racial solidarity, the end of the class divide, and an equal concern for all members of the german folk. While the elites ignored the damage of the depression on the common german people, Hitler in just a few years turned everything around. By simply caring for germans because they were germans, he found a place for them all in the economy. Inflation ended, employment sprouted up, roads were built, resources retrieved from foreign occupation, versailles payments ended, and so on. The moment someone who actually cared about his people took power, the well-being of the common folk skyrocketed to giddy levels no other country could match. Racial and ethnic solidarity however had a drawback, in that they created tension and hate between members outside of the race, even as they got rid of the class divides. Ultimately Germany was consumed with a 'racism gone wild' and the resulting backlash, making them worse off than when they'd even started.

Another answer to elitist feudalism was Marx's communism. Having read Das Kapital, I believe Karl Marx genuinely meant well with his theories. Observing the utterly cruel conditions feudalism and industrial capitalism was imposing on the british people (much like his contemporary charles dickens was doing) Marx wrote in an optimistic way about how much better things would be if the elites were dethroned and money were shared evenly between everyone. This policy doesn't even work for a little while, like classical liberalism or racism, it simply falls flat immediately. Starting with the slaughter of the very elites necessary for human accomplishment and high productivity, it then muddles around in an anti-human fog of lies and violence trying to keep people from pursuing their own self interest for the sake of strangers. There is a difference between charity, the freely given love of man to his fellow man, and forcible confiscation and slavery. Communism may have the same goal as classical liberalism, but its approach is evil and spoils any hope of reaching said goal. After the loss of a hundred million people to this belief in the 20th century, we can declare it dead on arrival.

Religion has also traditionally spoken up for the poor, huddled masses. however, I have to say it has done so little to actually benefit them, that we can ignore all ancient religions as hopelessly ineffectual. In fact, religion was often used not to moderate the power and scorn elites had for their commoners, but to buttress up and secure the rule and station of the elites. The elites had the 'mandate of heaven' to go on abusing the peasantry, apparently. For thousands of years, Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims never questioned the right for their elites to hold them in serfdom, slavery, illiteracy, or keep power through a hereditary system with no upward mobility. If religion is going to moderate the avarice and ruthlessness of the nobility, it certainly hasn't been invented yet. And in our growingly skeptical world, it is unlikely a new religion can emerge or gain any adherents.

So where do we stand? We must either reclaim the culture, or rally around our race, to abolish the genocidal campaign our own elites are waging against us. Either through negligence, or an active desire to keep us down or abolish us as the greatest threat to their continued rule and wealth. I believe both are necessary. Neither one worked in isolation, and as is the case in AIDS treatments, cocktail combos are always more effective. In fact, for all we know a dash of Marxism and a dollop of Christianity could also be helpful, even though they both failed utterly on their own. But abolishing the culture of nihilism that prevails today and returning to a classical liberal love for humanity and the Good, and the teaching of this in all our media and our classrooms is absolutely necessary. Alongside that, we must rally around our race if we hope to protect the middle class, because the majority of all other races are innately underclass, untermenschen, and no decent society can be composed of them. We must remind elites that their ultimate duty is not to themselves or their children, but their genome as a whole, as expressed through the white people all around them. That we all have a share of greatness in us, and that great people can emerge from the most rustic back-alleys of the world when allowed a fair chance in life. That moreover, the elites are only slightly superior to other members of their race, that the wheel of fortune turns and someday their descendants will be worse than our descendants, and that in any event we should not be treated like rats to be thrown into hopeless wars like World War I, or left to the ravages of small pox even as they vaccine their children with the cure.

Combining racial solidarity with a eugenics movement will also remove the excuses of the elites: "what on earth do we have in common with white trash? We are intelligent, we are superior, we are completely different species than you." Oh really? Every person on earth has millions of different combinations of genes they can give their children. If we give every child the absolute best combination possible, how much inferior would our children be to your children? Is the gap really so vast? As science improves, these sorts of excuses are not just mean-spirited, they are an active attempt to suppress competition. By preventing eugenics, sure they can keep their 'separateness' alive. But what kind of excuse is that? "We're better than you, because we've actively made you all worse than ourselves." Well gee, that's a good reason to keep elites in power or reward them with great prestige and wealth!

I propose authors like Dickens, Steinbeck, Solzhenitsyn, Tolstoy, Dostoevesky, Hume, Rousseau, and Voltaire (especially Candide!) become the curriculum of our schools. I want the children of our elites crying their eyes out in sympathy with the unfortunate lower classes of the world. I want them to fall in love with characters from not-so-grand stations trying their best in a hopelessly muddled world. The tightest bond we can ever form between the classes is sympathy. Racism promotes sympathy between fellow members, as does classical liberalism. Heightening the genetic worth and carefully quarantining off genetically deficient members also creates greater equality in a country, which inevitably creates greater sympathy between the elites and the masses. Giving all members of our community the most opportunity we can will also help erase the class divides. Things like required virtue in personal life will help erase the gaps between the elites and the poor. Poor people bring about their own disasters through stupid mistakes: they divorce, have children out of wedlock they can't support, drink, do drugs, do crime, and otherwise sabotage their own lives. They can't help it, they lack the intelligence, foresight, and self control elites have over themselves. But we can help them. By banning them from making mistakes and stopping them from self-sabotage at every turn, it will be AS THOUGH these nincompoops were just as honest, rational, intelligent and temperate as the best of us. We can equalize moral behavior through legislated morality -- without it the class divide can never be bridged. We must also provide free health care and education, of the highest quality possible, for all children, so that they do not have some crippling childhood handicap that will perpetuate the class divide the rest of their lives.

I promise you, if the common folk live an honest life without crime, get a decent education at least through high school, marry young and don't divorce, if they don't drink or have children out of wedlock or use drugs, they will thrive and prosper. They will be a MIDDLE class. The miracle of a middle class can be constructed, through moral, cultural, legal, and taxation levers. If elites are given a stake in the nurturing of the middle class, through art and the promotion of love and charity, through the higher productivity of their workers, and through a love of their race and common shared biology and history with the people around them -- they can be recruited into the movement instead of the direst threat to the movement.

However, if jews are simply acting as jews, rather than as elites, they will never feel sympathy for us whites. That is why a solution such as the above will never work so long as one race is the elite, and another the common folk. Jews must become white through interbreeding, or be thrown off entirely. There can be no sympathy between such alien parts as jews and aryans. Elite whites are different. They can be softened, their hearts turned to mush, for little Oliver Twist or Pip. Jews are pitiless towards whites and have always been hired as tax collectors or pimps or usurers for their very ruthlessness towards the general populace. Such a pitiless elite will never promote equality, and to make things worse, they will never wish to lose power for fear of an 'anti-semitic' backlash. As in, for fear of racism, they will be racist towards others in perpetuum. What an unsolvable riddle that poses! Even if we treat them with the utmost love and affection, their paranoia against anti-semitism will continue to strike out against all whites for eternity. Therefore there is no amount of appeasement we can give jewish elites. The solution is to wipe them out, either through interbreeding until there is no jewish people, or mass deportations to Israel so that they never trouble us again.

How do we get from here to there? Elites will certainly not support these policies, nor will the underclass untermenschen who are too incompetent to do anything and aren't white anyway. It has to come from elites who don't care about themselves. Billionaires who have always loved the white race, or the middle class, or family values or a decent 1950's culture we see from the Norman Rockwell paintings. High IQ strategists who sacrifice their lives for the cause and support not their peers, but their employees. And alongside them must be joined the power of the remaining middle class. People who have their own lives in order must stop sabotaging themselves with the underclass designed to replace them. They must reject the nihilist culture which has betrayed them. And once the middle class has recognized its own interests and where it conflicts with the elites and the underclass, they must unite under their own political party and vote accordingly. Or if voting is no use, they must FIGHT. The middle class will certainly be where all the best soldiers reside. The interests of the white middle class must be combined. Those in danger of falling into the lower class must get their lives together and refrain from sin and self-sabotage. Those in the upper middle class must remember their roots and have compassion and sympathy for the people around them. Everyone must communicate effectively with the elites that we don't seek to displace or destroy them like the Marxists, we simply desire to defang them. To end their poisonous influence on us, the white middle class. We even hope to someday join them through the biological uplifting of our children, and we're more than happy to let them run this new era, just so long as they sympathize with us! Just so long as they care! Not so long ago, it was the role of every english lady to distribute charity to the poor in her realm, to upkeep her servants to high standards and to provide a moral example to her followers at Church, and in godliness. It is not impossible for elites to love their people, or support them, or care for them. It just requires the right tone and the right mix of superiors and slightly inferiors, instead of drastically hopeless inferiors. I love the elites of the earth, they have done almost everything important and often have the greatest virtues you could ask for. Socrates didn't just invent the socratic method of argument, he also stood up for his beliefs and drank poison rather than leave his beloved Athens. This is typical of our elites, who are great in all things both intellectual and spiritual. But I also love the people, who if cultivated, can be just as good. And furthermore, a society of pure elites is impossible (there will always be better and worse, even among people competing at the olympics), so the people will always be with us.

The 'people' have also done things we can take pride in. They settled America with a can-do pioneer spirit, amidst incredible hardship and danger. The people fought bravely in war after war for their country. The people have participated widely in wonderful cultural displays like literature, music, dance, christmas trees and religious solemnity. Without any elites at all, the people would get by. Without the people, elites are Archimedes without a lever -- no way left to move the world with the power of their ideas. The people are the audience with the ability to understand the story -- even if the elites are the only story-tellers. What is the use of art that can never be communicated? The wider the audience, the more hearts it touches and minds it inspires, the greater the maker of the art. The greatness of our elites, therefore, depends entirely on the soul of his people. Entirely! There cannot be one without the other. There is so much beauty in every white face and every loving family and every honest plainspoken man, that the people are intrinsically valuable in and of themselves. Even if we never split another atom or sent another ship into space, these common, middle class people would still be playing fiddles and kicking up their heels in synchrony, and laughing and crying and hugging and making love come nightfall. I could never disown the people or scorn them like so many elites do. There is gold waiting to be mined in all of them, and when they go wrong, we should say like Jesus: "forgive them, for they know not what they do." It is no justification for destroying them like the current order intends.

A new party must be formed for American politics. This party will represent the interests of the white middle class. It will not be averse to taxing the rich and giving itself legs up in the world through subsidized health care, college tuition, job placement programs, minimum wage laws, etc. It will not be averse to tackling social mores like divorce, promiscuity, substance abuse, corruption in the media or homosexuality. It will oppose immigration and miscegenation, and ultimately demand complete territorial separation from all untermenschen, who compete directly for their jobs and wages, prey upon their daughters sexually, rape and murder, steal and affirmative action their way to the front of all lines. The middle class is still, thank God, the majority of all Americans. They could at any time, still, unite for the sake of their own interests. Before the elites completely eradicate them with the new mud sludge republic of Elitism, before the muds genocide them and take all their jobs and houses by stacking up 8 to a room and working for 8 cents an hour. All it takes is a realization of what's truly been happening in this world, and how they have been betrayed by their 'leaders' into policies that directly go against their self-interest. It will also take the removal of the jews, as the most inveterate enemies of any such change. It could still be achieved politically and peacefully, under the current democratic system. But if that doesn't suffice, the middle class forms the majority of all gun owners in this country and the majority of the military. There will still be a way to take back what's ours. Again, all it takes is for the white middle class to realize what's been done to it. To realize its own interests and how they are not being served by the current elite. What will it take for them to wake up? The current financial crisis doesn't seem to be enough. The current crime levels aren't enough. The current 50% illegitimacy rate isn't enough. What will be enough? Lord knows. Maybe nothing. But maybe ten more years of continual decline will be enough. Who knows? It's in God's hands. But so long as it's possible, we should keep trying. What have we got to lose? A fate worse than extinction?

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Rafi said...

Your perception of Jews is misinformed. As a Jew I would hesitate to paint with such broad strokes.