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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Truth Spares No One

Truth Spares No One
February 3rd, 2009

‘There is not a truth existing that I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.’ — Thomas Jefferson.

There are two types of people on earth. Those willing to accept the verdict of truth, regardless of how it reflects on them personally, or their pet causes, or how uncomfortable it might be; and those who don’t.

If you adopt only those truths which suit you, while denying those truths which you find distasteful, like some sort of chinese menu, you are a coward, a hypocrite, and a cur.

Race realism has a wonderful purpose. Its purpose is to shatter people’s illusions and force people to accept the truth through continuous presenting of evidence, science, genetics, history, geography, the news, whatever reveals the essence of racial differences that so invalidate the fantasy world of equalitarians. But race realism does not exist to serve whites, it exists to serve truth. If Jews are found to be smarter than whites, then race realism requires we accept that. If East Asians are found to be less criminal, have fewer illegitimate children, or a lower divorce rate, race realism requires we accept that. If blacks have bigger dicks and can sprint fast, race realism requires we accept that.

Race realism is a tiny subset of the truth that exists about this world. There is plenty of truth out there. Evolution is real, religion is false, gender matters, homosexuals are mentally ill, HIV causes AIDS, the free market is the best generator of wealth, democracy is fundamentally flawed, divorce causes lasting harm to kids, and star trek sucks compared to star wars.

People who wrap themselves in their pet causes and start clamoring on about how offended they are, how insufferable those who question their delusions are, how everyone on earth has to cater to them and never speak ill of anything they want, are no better than blacks insisting they’re equal and they built the pyramids or invented the refrigerator. Either people cleave to the truth or wrap themselves up in a lie that becomes the basis of their self-worth, and rise or fall on the basis of how many people are forced to acknowledge this lie. The problem with this is, for every person who gets the glowy satisfaction of having some self-satisfying lie told to him or her, there is another person humiliated and killed inside for having to speak a lie.

Solzhenitsyn lived through the gulag archipelago and came out the other side with this fundamental lesson: Live not by lies.

The cold could not break a person, starvation could not break a person, sleeplessness could not break a person, but once you could get them to tell a lie, they were lost. From there on, they could take no pride in themselves, they could not stand up for anything, they knew in their hearts they would buckle next time too. There is nothing more harmful to the human heart than knowing something is a lie, but having to say it’s true. And yet every day people heedlessly, selfishly, callously, demand dozens of lies be told about them, about their group, about their pet cause, to soothe their ego. Unthinkingly, these soul harvesters go around humiliating and defiling everyone they meet, demanding no one notice the Emperor Has No Clothes. You don’t deserve such tribute, no one does. No one deserves to be told lies just so they can feel good. Requiring others to lie about you, or your group, or your pet cause, is a slavery deeper than any whip or collar. It is enslaving even the inner conscience of man. It is making a man acknowledge he is a dog, which no amount of treating someone like a dog could do!

The Soviet Union was largely an all-white nation, but it was still hell on earth. Why? Because everyone was forced to mouth lies. You could not even speak your heart amidst friends or family. Any of them could be spies, informers, traitors. You could never, ever know. The furnace of your true mind and feelings circulated round and round your soul like a pressurised volcano, but it could never come forth! It could never be expressed! You could never be yourself! Exist! Live!

Ayn Rand aptly described the Soviet Union in We the Living: “In a totalitarian world, you can either kill yourself, kill your mind, or leave.” Enduring the hell of lies is impossible. One or another part of you is lost forever. Nor was she grandstanding, look at Russia today! The majority of children are aborted, alcoholism has taken the men to third world life expectancy, despair and depopulation hangs over people like the ghost of christmas past. What horrible tragedy must occur to make people kill their babies, kill themselves, kill their mental faculties with alcohol and drugs, abandon all hope and all wish to live? Simple–communism required people to say nothing but lies for the last 70 years. God help such a nation! God help such a soul!

So no, we can not accept ’some’ lies for the sake of civility, or machiavellan policy, or any other excuse. Life without truth is worthless. Never ask that of anyone.

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