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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Argue the Facts First, Opinions Second:

Argue the Facts First, Opinions Second:
January 31st, 2009

Here is my problem with arguing with anyone, about anything:

If we don’t share the same knowledge of facts, we’ll never agree about our opinions. And if, miraculously, our opinions do agree but for entirely different reasons, I’m still not happy because I think their reasons for agreeing are disagreeable. I have found it impossible to argue my beliefs with friends and family, because they are so factually ignorant that everything I say will sound crazy or evil to them. How can you have a genuine argument or debate with someone, when the other side doesn’t know anything, and thus no logical reasoning from that knowledgable base can be done?

Here’s a simple fact, women on average score 4 IQ points lower than men. This has profound implications. Is this perhaps why women aren’t as highly represented on CEO boards, elite positions, and nobel prizes? Should we really give women equal say in politics–was there a reason why we never used to? Perhaps women aren’t as suited as men are at making money and should stay at home with the kids, a simple job they’re bio-engineered for?

I’m not going to argue one position or another, but I will make this argument: Until everyone learns the fact that women on average have a lower IQ than men, we can never have a reasonable discussion about these questions. Anyone who suggests the above will be called all sorts of names, thrown out of the room, and likely fired from his job and divorced by his wife. Why? Because people have become so indoctrinated, so brainwashed, that no one can speak to them on the basis of the facts, instead of the lies they have been told since childhood. I am fine with arguing with people who possess the same facts but come to different interpretations thereof. I am fine with arguing with people who see the same thing and come to a different conclusion. There is a wonderful difference between these sorts of arguments, and the arguments of today. In an argument where both people know the facts, it is easy to sympathize and understand the other person’s point of view. It is easy to see that people are well intentioned, honest, and good people underneath who are capable of changing their mind if further proof were provided. When people are operating from completely different sets of facts, it is impossible to sympathize or understand their point of view. In an honest world that starts with the truth and then works from there, you have a sort of socratic philosophy club. Friends get together, discuss right and wrong, have dinner and go home, delighted with what they’ve shared. In a dishonest world where the truth is suppressed and heresy becomes a crime, mutual hostility and demonization sets in. There is no possibility of agreement, no possibility of compromise, it is war to the bitter end. They will hate you, consider you the ultimate evil, do anything to shut you up. You, meanwhile, will despise them, consider them the ultimate evil, and would do anything to overthrow their tyrannical rule. What a difference mutual knowledge of the facts makes!

This is why a rally with a bunch of flags shouting slogans as people march down the streets, is such a pointless, self-defeating effort. You are trying to spread your opinions, but not your facts! No one will ever spontaneously hear “White pride!” and think “Hey, that sounds like a good idea!” and jump into the crowd. They have to know where we are coming from, how we got to our views, why they should feel the same way.

Even worse if if people have come to our views Without any basis in fact. If someone asks you, “why do you hate black people so much?” And you tell them, “I don’t know, I have no reason to, I just woke up one day and realized–I hate black people. I hate them so much I want to kill them. And I’ve been telling other people we should kill black people ever since.” Who are you going to convert???? We have to have full mastery of the facts, we need statistics dripping off our fingertips. We need sources, books, articles, links, the whole shebang, and we need to reserve our opinions until they’re ready to hear it. It’s a lot easier to discuss facts with people who know you’re a decent, good person ahead of time. Then it’s a lot easier to discuss opinions with people who know the same facts you do. Inspire trust through personal conduct, inspire good sense through teaching of the facts, inspire pro-white opinions by reasoning from the facts.

Here’s a short list of books everyone should read before they go proselytyzing to the masses. I’ll confess that I haven’t read them all myself, but I’m working on it:

Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray. The Bell Curve by Charles Murray. Race, Evolution, and Behavior by Rushton. IQ and the Wealth of Nations/IQ and Global Ineqaulity by Lynn and Vanahu. Understanding Human History by Hart. The Camp of the Saints by Raspaille. Ethnic Genetic Interests by Salter.

If you wish people to learn about the threat of Islam, read Prophet of Doom by Craig Winn.

If you want to attack the jews, read Culture of Critique by Kevin Macdonald, Jewish Supremacism by David Duke, or Dissecting the Holocaust by Germar Rudolf.

Encourage other people to read the same books you have, give them short summaries of the author’s views in the most non-threatening manner, and be enthusiastic about how much you learned from it. Offer to read books from the other side that argue the opposite point of view that they adhere to, trade time for each other where you can get to know each other’s facts. Listen to their points and give them credit where they’re due. Teach facts first, opinions later. I suspect this is the correct way to indoctrinate our kids too. Encourage them to read these books, talk with them about it after they’re done, and see if you can give them a pro-white viewpoint that will help them throughout their lives. If nothing else, you don’t want your daughter dating a black guy who will likely abuse her, give her an STD, get her pregnant and leave, etc.

If there are any other books that are vital to the cause, please suggest them to me! If you’re spreading the pro-white message without any facts or books, please take the time to read them first. If each one of us converts even one other person in our lives, and they go on to convert just one other person themselves, soon enough the whole world would agree with us. But what that means is we can’t burn bridges and just agree to hate the entire world in a fump. We’ve got to engage with people, we’ve got to argue with them, and it’s got to be in a Socratic, polite, and friendly way. Once they know the facts, they’ll sympathize with us even if they don’t agree. They’ll go easier on us, and that’s already a win.

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You're right... blacks aren't human. A majority of humans are civilized and just... tolerable. You pretty much said it yourself that blacks might as well be animals. Because they are loud, falsely entitled, little plagues.