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Friday, October 12, 2018

Gakkou Juliet Dropped:

Episode 2 of this series was a real stinker.  This is because the male protagonist made a total ass of himself.  Not just once, but twice, he violently assaulted his own girlfriend.  Yes, yes, it was just meant to deceive the people around him, but the fact that he violently assaulted her is unchanged.  There are some lines you just shouldn't cross.  Perhaps if it was to save her life or something, a subterfuge like that could be excused, but for something as petty as hiding your relationship?  That's just inexcusable.

It's not just that though.  He attacks his own comrades in bouts of indiscriminate rage.  He doesn't listen to Persia or take anyone else's feelings or wishes into account.  He's just an awful person.  Persia was beautiful as usual this ep, but I can't handle the male who takes up over half the screen time.  And Persia is also despicable for falling in love with such a loser.  I can't countenance her thinking either.

That reduces the fall season back down to 14 series, but if the archery show is any good that number could get back to 15.  Not all is lost.

Meanwhile, I rewatched FMP! Invisible Victory.  It was certainly a grade above the typical anime, but the monotonous nature of continuous combat really left a bad aftertaste.  I'm not even sure if there was a five minute sequence where someone wasn't being shot or a mech exploding.  Twelve episodes of that level of continuous violence really wears away at the soul.  Everyone carried the exact same emotions from start to finish, there was rarely even a change in facial expressions.  Virtually no characterization or dialogue occurred throughout.  I expect better from Full Metal Panic!, which always had such great humor and sizzling wit sallying back and forth.

If only they had animated Dancing Very Merry Christmas, this problem wouldn't have occurred.  There were plenty of fun moments in that book.  Instead we got this dreary death cage.  A 5th season could go a long ways to improving this show.

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