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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ongaku Shoujo Dropped:

This series always had too many girls, and the lame girls just dragged down the overall quality of the show, which meant the cool girls never stood a chance.  If the cast had been restricted to five idols or three it probably would have worked, but instead we got 13 or whatever.  In a story about musical girls, it's pretty disheartening that the music sucks, too.

The only thing this series had going for it was the art, and eventually that's just no longer enough to captivate one's interest.

Meanwhile, another Fairy Tail spinoff is being serialized and translated, Happy's Adventure.  I thought it would be awful but it's actually pretty good so far.  Fairy Tail is conquering the manga world by storm.

Honzuki no Gekokujou is another great manga, based off of a light novel series.  The art is so cute, though, that I'd hate to read this story as a novel instead of just wait for the manga to come out.  If I don't read the novel series, it can't go in my great books rankings, and manga rankings only apply to manga-original stories, so this series is just out of luck.  But at least I can endorse it here.  Honzuki's been perfect so far, everyone should be reading this manga.

Only two days until Battle for Azeroth launches.

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