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Friday, August 24, 2018

In Trump we Trust:

Ann Coulter's book written between the Republican primaries and the general election in favor of Trump is now a melancholy monument.  Ann Coulter had nothing put starry-eyed praise for the candidate who promised a 'complete shutdown of Muslim immigration into the USA' and 'a big beautiful wall' along the southern border.

She talked about how great it was that one person understood and agreed with the American public and actually wanted to do something about immigration.  She underscored again and again how vital it was that immigration be stopped if America were going to exist anymore.  She thought Trump was going to be our savior.

But ever since Trump was elected, it's been another tune.  Instead of immediately ending Obama's illegal and unconstitutional executive order, it's 'we're going to show a lot of heart for our dreamers.'  Instead of taxing remittances to get Mexico to pay for the wall, suddenly we need congressional approval for funding which, gee shucks, we can't seem to get.  And instead of a ban on Muslim immigration, we have a flimsy, temporary program of 'extreme vetting' concerning just five muslim countries deemed security risks.

Here's what happened.  Trump promised the American people a revolutionary new program concerning immigration, which won him the primaries and the general election.  All his competitors said 'that was unrealistic' and instead offered more of the same, do-nothing status quo.  Trump got into office, tore off his mask, and announced that actually he agreed with all his opponents in the primaries and the general election, that doing anything about immigration was impossible, and henceforth the status quo would continue unabated, with maybe a few meaningless gestures that only change things on the margins.

That's not who we voted for.  We could've voted for anyone and gotten about the same immigration result as what Trump has given us.  Ann Coulter wrote this book in vain.  She was betrayed.  We were all betrayed.

The only reason we voted for Trump was his promises on immigration.  That's the single most important topic to Republican voters today.  This is all we want from our politicians.  And in exchange we were willing to put up with an obvious sleazeball who was on his third wife plus who knows how many porn star mistresses.  We were willing to put up with all his obvious criminal enterprises like Trump University.  We were willing to put up with his complete lack of a grasp of the English language.  We were willing to put up with him contradicting his own statements and positions within just minutes of each other on a daily basis.  We were willing to put up with any amount of criminality, buffoonery, or stupidity, if he would just fulfill his campaign promises about immigration.

He's fulfilled nothing.  He's not even making a good faith effort to fulfill any of his promises.  He's not even doing the things that are within his presidential authority to do on his own.  And I'm tired of putting up with his endless lies.  If Trump is impeached, good riddance.  If there's going to be no upside to a Trump presidency, there's no point enduring all the downsides.  At least Pence doesn't cheat on his wife.

Meanwhile, I've decided Fate/Apocrypha isn't a great anime, so I subtracted its total from the overall length of the Fate franchise in my top anime rankings.

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