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Sunday, July 8, 2018

World of Witches returns in 2020, 2021:

The ever-growing World of Witches franchise (previously known as the Strike Witches series) is receiving two new seasons in the far future.  In 2020 we receive 'Strike Witches: Road to Berlin,' a continuation of the tale of the original squad and their war with the Neuroi.  It does not appear to be a conclusion, however, because in 2021 we get another series, called 'Idol Witches,' about a squad of witches who sing and dance instead of fight in the same world.  If the war were already over in 2020, there would be no place for Idol Witches to appear in 2021, so we can only presume the Strike Witches fail yet again to quell the Neuroi menace.

For now, I've removed World of Witches from my anime wishlist.  It's receiving two sequels and that's good enough support for me to quiet down.  However, if Idol Witches ends and the conflict with the Neuroi still has no resolution, I will put World of Witches back onto my wishlist because I still want to see the conclusion to this story no matter how long they drag it out.

(It's also receiving a new season in 2019, but that's a spinoff 4-koma series written by someone else, so it hardly counts.  But who knows, maybe it will be good, SAO Alternative worked out great.)

In its place I added a desire to see Hikaru no Go's ending back onto my wishlist.  There's only a small portion of this series that wasn't animated so you'd think it'd be easy to just cook up a few oav's or whatever, but nope!  After all these years nothing.  It's frustrating that a series can receive hundreds of episodes and still be cancelled right before the ending (the same thing happened to Touch, it's so bizarre.)

Meanwhile, I finished Imouto Paradise 2, only seven months after it came out.  Now I can return my focus to Hatsukoi 1/1.  It would be a happy stroke of fortune if I could finish it too before the next good visual novel is translated.  Visual novels are the hardest backlogs to conquer.

Zokuowarimonogatari airs this fall in Japan, but only in theaters, so who knows when America will get to see it.  *sigh*

Russia had a good run and lost in a dignified manner, after a hard fought tie in regular time and extra time, only to fall to the fickle fate of penalty kicks.  Their countrymen should be proud.  All four remaining teams are from Europe.

My stable of well equipped 110's continues to grow.

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