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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Suka Suka Upranked:

I decided to take another look at my top anime rankings because it felt like Suka Suka was better than I was giving it credit for.  Indeed, things were a little off, and Suka Suka rose up to #71 from its previous #82.  Eromanga Sensei has always been a little better than Suka Suka, something I know instinctively because they both aired at the same time and I liked Eromanga Sensei more, so I moved it up to #70 to stay that one step ahead.

But it wasn't actually Suka Suka that changed its rank the most.  While I was at it, I figured I may as well correct all the other anomalies in my rankings, which sometimes meant massive 50 rank shifts one way or another.  You can see all the changes in my new and more accurate permapost:

But the overall theme of the changes is pretty simple -- I upranked combat oriented series and downranked comedies.  Maybe I'm just in a bloodthirsty mood recently, but I think it's more objective than that:

Humor is funny once.  Fighting for what's right, though, or at least caring about what is right, is something that happens a thousand times a day.  Stories about the men and women who cared enough to fight resonate with me a hell of a lot more than people making light of the world.

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