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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Shining Force III and Bravely Default Flying Fairy Music:

I'm always on the lookout for more good music, so I couldn't miss the opportunity when uploaded the soundtracks to Shining Force III and Bravely Default.  Shining Force III is by Motoi Sakuraba, and Bravely Default came with rave reviews.

As it turned out, most of Shining Force's music relied on annoying, overly intrusive drums, so I only salvaged 7 new songs from that soundtrack.  Still, Motoi is an amazing composer.  That moves him all the way up to 885 songs in total, well ahead of everybody else.

Revo's Bravely Default did better, with 18 songs of note.  I'd never listened to this composer before but he's really got something going there.  18 songs is already tied with Isao Mizoguchi, the composer of Lunar, so that really shows how amazing this soundtrack was.

All in all it was 25 additional songs to my music hall of fame, just enough to reach 12 days of continuous music playtime on the dot.  That's 5292 songs in all, and 929 added just this year.  I wonder if I'll reach 1000 additions by the end of the year?  That would really define this year's central charm point.

My Good Music permapost has all the details and the names of the new songs I'm talking about, etc.

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