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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Index NT Volume 20 Translated:

Check it out over at baka-tsuki.

Apparently Blue Mistral volume 4 doesn't come out until August 7th, so we'll just have to rely on Index NT for now.

The WoW prepatch is a massive nerf.  Content that used to be easy is now nigh impossible.  *Sigh*  But hopefully the new powerups set to be released in Battle for Azeroth will make up the difference.

Overall I think the changes to various talents and spells have been positive.  A breath of fresh air.  Once the expansion comes all grievances can be laid aside.

None of the new anime series airing this summer have any potential for greatness.  This will buy me more time to rewatch already rated great series and get me closer to the day I can declare everything in my rankings both watched and rewatched.

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