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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Eden's Zero in, One Piece Out:

Another great new manga has appeared, Hiro Mashima's newest work -- Eden's Zero.  Since I would like to keep my value added manga rankings at 75 if possible, I decided to kick out One Piece to make room.

One Piece's manga has zero value added, since the anime covers the manga just fine.  Even if you don't like the slow pacing of One Piece's anime you could always just watch the fan-edited version, One Pace, instead.  Which means the manga isn't actually necessary anymore.  Eden's Zero (not to be confused with the gorgeous but ultimately nonsensical and awful Eden's Bowey), on the other hand, has no anime and so every chapter it produces is pure value added.  For this reason, and Hiro Mashima's obvious talent and potential, I've put the series all the way up to the 18th best value added manga already.

I severely doubt the series will do any worse than 18th by the time it's through, so this is like a down payment.  Of course, if Eden's Zero gets an anime someday down the road, I'll have to adjust things accordingly, but for now every new chapter is pure gold.

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