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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Boruto and Basilisk Disappoint:

The Boruto chuunin exam episodes, which cover the same events as the Boruto movie, are just a weaker version of the same story that was just fine the way Kishimoto originally intended.  I consider the whole arc to be filler and thus have struck it from the must-see episodes to Naruto's great anime credit.

The same is true of Basilisk 2.  It's not by the original creator, and it basically goes against everything the original creator stood for and had in mind.  It's just a filler perversion of the original, a sequel that never should have been.  This means it doesn't count towards Basilisk's quality or length count either.  The two series shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath.

As such, even though I wrote a post celebrating great anime passing the 9,000 episode barrier a year ago, we're still at just 9,066 overall must-see episodes of anime all this time later.  At least we're still past the barrier, or the post would be really embarrassing.

Anime just isn't as good as it should be.  With Boruto in a filler arc and Dragon Ball no longer airing, there's just nothing left to be excited about.  The fall season will have Fairy Tail, SAO and Index, so everything will be fine once we get there.  But the spring and summer seasons just don't cut it.  They even make 2017 look good.

With Blitz Ball Gamblers gone, I needed a new song to fill the gap, so I added HUGtto! Mirai Dreamer in its stead.  The song's credit goes to Yui Ogura since she's the most well represented entity already in my music hall of fame rankings involved.  That brings the total back to 5266.

You would think with Yui Ogura playing Cure Etoille and Yukari Tamura playing Cure Amour Hugtto would be amazing, but it's a total failure.  Pushing transgenderism SJW crap isn't helping either.  Precure sucks, One Piece is too drawn out and thus sucks, there's just nothing left to rely on these days. . .

The Angel Beats manga has been translated up to chapter 68, but yet again it has skipped chapters 63-64, so none of it can be read until the missing portion is filled.

Japan did qualify for the next round of the World Cup.  It's the only team from Asia to do so.  4 teams qualified from South America, one from Concacaf, and 0 from Africa.  Africa yet again shows itself to be utterly worthless compared not just to Europe (who have 10 teams in the next round) but the whole freaking world.  They're infinity worse than everyone.  (Except I guess Muslims who also couldn't get a single team into the next round. . . a pox on both their houses. . .)

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