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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mujaki no Rakuen Parallel Ends, Aline Nine Next Begins:

The author behind Mujaki no Rakuen never could write a good ending, and this ending was no better than his previous one.  But at least it's all properly translated now.  Like Btooom!, this is a series that was meant to end last year but somehow managed to drag on a little longer.  The total number of good manga series coming out didn't go down, though, because on the very same day a new promising series began, the sequel to Alien Nine.

So far there's only one chapter of Alien Nine Next scanlated, but it's still promising.  No new good manga series are coming out, but some old series are being revived, like Alien Nine, Rurouni Kenshin and Fairy Tail.  So long as the revivals keep pace with the ending series, I guess everything will work out.

I'm all caught up with Alice Tale, so I finally got back to reading more Hatsukoi 1/1.  Maybe now that there's nothing else to do I can make some serious progress on this visual novel.

I watched Black Panther expecting it would be good based on all the hype, but it wasn't.  Most of the characters really had no business existing at all in the movie, just dead weights and side tracks dragging down the actual theme.  Everything that happened felt contrived and unrealistic.  How do sonic dampeners nullify the properties of vibranium anyway?  I genuinely didn't mind the all black, techno-Africa theme.  It's just that the story itself was bad.  If it had been an all white, techno-Europe theme it would have sucked just as badly.

Hopefully Infinity War actually lives up to its hype.  I'd like for western art to occasionally be of at least some use.

I replaced Sakura Trick on my anime wishlist for a new season of Full Metal Panic, which this time covers books 6 and 10-12.  We deserve better.

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