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Monday, May 21, 2018

Inazuma 11 Go Music:

Inazuma 11 makes no sense.  This is an rpg soccer game.  Which already makes no sense.  It's a kids series, which has a corresponding kids anime.  And yet, and yet, the music would belong perfectly in Xenosaga.

The music implies a galactic space war straight out of Lensmen -- but it's about kids playing soccer.

This was about the last place I imagined good music would be residing, but Inazuma 11's soundtrack is one of the greatest gifts to mankind the world has ever seen.  I already proudly sport 40 Inazuma tunes from its first three games plus Strikers.

The soundtracks to Chrono Stones and Galaxy are no exception.  18 of the 25 available songs were good enough to reach my music hall of fame.  These games can simply do no wrong.

It may be upon closer inspection that there are some remixes in this batch, but I haven't sufficiently memorized all the Inazuma 11 tunes to know at this point.  Maybe I'll catch them later, but there's no way I could do so now.  It may also be that I eventually tire of some of these tunes, but that's true of all the music in my hall of fame.  For now, my acquisition of new Inazuma music was a resounding success.

This puts the new total for my music hall of fame at 5,110 songs, 11.6 days in length.  Yasunori Mitsuda's personal total moves up to 374 songs.

While Sarah Brightman remains my favorite girl rock singer in overall 10th place, the others have caught up quite a bit, with Loreena in 12th, The Cranberries in 13th, Tori Amos in 14th, Garbage in 15th and Enya in 16th.  Only the really outstanding video game composers who have entire franchises to their credit outpace my girl rock bands anymore, which is how it should be given their emotional heft.

I've edited my good music permapost to include all the new relevant data: song names, artists and albums for both my new girl rock music and my new Inazuma 11 music, so be sure to check it out if you want to know what you're missing out on.

There shouldn't be any new additions to my hall of fame until Valkyria Chronicles 4 comes out, so maybe I can just relax and listen to my hard earned winners for a while.

Meanwhile, the long awaited Utawarerumono Kuon ova came out, all of 13 minutes in length.  It's cute, but the least impactful of my 21 great anime franchises that have seen new content so far this year.  2018 needs 37 franchises to match 2017's output, which was already a weak year in anime, so things aren't looking too good. . .

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