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Saturday, May 12, 2018

BanG Dream! Gets two additional seasons in 2019:

BanG Dream! is one of those series that could certainly use a sequel.  Right now it's basically a 12 episode version of K-On!  Extending that to 36 episodes would make it a lot more competitive with the original, and with the wider world of anime in general.

I expect BanG Dream! to shoot up in my rankings by the time this is all done, but first we need to make sure they have a good idea for how to extend the story.  The first season had a very moving plot about overcoming the yips.  Do the second and third seasons have equally compelling content, or will they just be repetitive and redundant?

If BanG Dream's blu-ray disks continue to refuse to come out, I may end up watching the new seasons before I even rewatch the original.  That would be ironic, as it would reset the timer yet another three years before I have to rewatch any of it.

I said before that the window of opportunity is closing on new series of anime.  This is what I'm talking about.  How on Earth can a 12 episode new franchise compete with a 36 episode BanG Dream?  It would have to be three times as good per episode just to reach the starting gate.  Every time an already-ranked series gets additional content, that cements its position in the rankings.  Eventually no one will have any footholds to slip in, everyone in my rankings will be some 100 episode colossus that just mows down everything in its path.

This is a long term trend, by no means is every franchise as well situated as BanG Dream.  There will still be lots of churn in the future.  But fewer and fewer series will enter my rankings as time goes by, and even fewer of those will pierce the top 50.  I suspect none at all will reach the top 10 for the rest of time.  The churn will be progressively smaller, like the heat death of the universe, bit by bit.

The three new video game soundtracks I'm judging for entry into my music hall of fame consist of 120 songs.  How many that will be pared down to in the end is still unknown, but given the stupendous quality of the composers I suspect a high retention rate.  I'll know more by tonight/tomorrow, but so far I'm very glad I stayed on the lookout for more good music.

I might also want to check out Mario Party and Inazuma Eleven's music.  I don't like childish music so I've steered clear of these franchises despite them being by Yasunori Mitsuda, but I can't know for certain the music is bad until I actually try it out, now can I?  Any chance at more Mitsuda music should be welcomed.

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