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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar book 7 read:

I'm all caught up on Grimgar again.  After a brief stint in multiple different worlds, they've finally made it back to Grimgar, the only interesting place, which the author never should have left in the first place.  So basically all three of these books have been a complete waste of time.  Maybe book 8 will be good again, though, since they're at least back in the proper setting.

Villanova showed the world how good it was with another decisive win in the championship game.  Congrats to them.

With March Madness over, 2018 is looking grimmer and grimmer.  The first world cup match is June 14th.  So that's two months and two weeks away.  Between then and now there's nothing worth watching on tv.

The spring anime season will be in full force for the next three months, but functionally what does that really amount do?  Basically Full Metal Panic! and that's it.

Winter had the Olympics and March Madness, summer has the World Cup and fall has SAO: Alicization.  Spring has. . .what?

These next two months look like an endless Russian tundra.  When even Hai to Gensou can't be counted on, what can be?

Well, for now, it's back to reading Death March books 11-16.  Will that really last two months?  Who knows.  I guess it's a good place to start though.  After that there's the latest Spice and Wolf volume, 19, or spring log II, depending on how you like to count it.  And after that, maybe some other books will come out.  Who knows?  Spring is a long time.

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