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Friday, March 30, 2018

Toshiro Masuda +19:

Toshiro Masuda is the genius composer behind the first half of Naruto (the actually good half).  I don't know why they replaced his compositions, which were perfect for the show and unrivaled in terms of background music, with Yasuharu Takanashi.  I can only assume he got tired or ran out of ideas and begged the director to replace him, because no one would be stupid enough to fire the guy.

I got so spoiled by Masuda's quality that I was only letting in his very best works into my hall of fame, looking down upon his more 'mediocre' products.  The problem with that is Masuda's mediocre is still better than everybody else.  In a world where Motoi Sakuraba gets 870 entries into my hall of fame, it makes no sense to exclude the majority of Masuda's songs.

So I went back through my Naruto soundtrack collections and added in another 19 songs.  Masuda is all the way up to 56 songs, 12th best out of all composers in history.  I feel like I could add in even more if I wanted.

Still no sign of valkyria 4 music. . .

One Piece and Hunter x Hunter are back on hiatus, so the current anime and manga situational report is 6 series airing and zero manga.  God help us.

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