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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kyoukai no Rinne Rewatched:

It was a long journey.  I actually started rewatching this series in 2017.  As to be expected from 75 episodes, I only barely managed to finish it in February.  This series is a series of ups and downs.  The beginning 12 episodes or so are great as it introduces the main cast and makes all of its original jokes.  Then it falls into a slump until the second half of season 2, where the black cat exam, Renge's entrance, and other cool events occur.  Then it falls into another slump until Rinne's mom (Ichigo) is introduced in season 3, who redeems the show for a short while before it falls back into an episodic slump again.

This is typical of Ranma 1/2 and even Inuyasha as well.  The author has some cool plot arcs and character introductions, and then does a lot of filler, and then develops the plot some more, and then adds in more episodic nonsense, and so on.  I love Rumiko Takahashi, but she certainly enjoys drawing things out.  And once you've heard the same joke a thousand times, it's not as funny as the first time.

Overall Kyoukai no Rinne is Rumiko's third best work, and Bones animated almost as many episodes as Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha received, so I have no complaints.  I knew going into this show what it was going to be like, and it had all the strengths and weaknesses you would expect from a Rumiko manga adaption.

If not for the massive length, Rinne wouldn't deserve its 114th ranking.  If the anime had continued to its ending, it would have gone even higher.  So I guess it benefited from its length and suffered from a lack of an ending equally, which means Rinne is basically ranked where it should be in terms of the innate quality of the source work.

Chihayafuru is getting a third season, which means it will be as long as Kyoukai no Rinne come 2019.  It's ranked 101st right now, which is about the same region of quality with the same amount of length and same lack of an ending.

I also finished the last book in Card's 1st Formic War trilogy.  It was better than the second book, but that's not saying much.  At least it's finally done.

Clearing both these objectives off my plate is a huge relief.  Now I can focus on rewatching Granblue Fantasy the Animation, thus proving I was right to add it to my top anime rankings.

In Dynasty Warriors 9 I've managed to unlock all 90 officers.  I've played like ten of their stories to completion, so there's still a long ways to go.  But things will speed up once I've cleared all the unique quests for the first time.  After that I can just skip by them and zoom through character after character at top speed.  Strangely enough I'm already closer to the ending than the beginning.

After I finish DW9 I can turn my focus to Star Ocean 5.  Add in the coming March Madness and Jessica Jones Season 2 and March has just as full a plate as February.

And in April the spring anime season begins, and I can read all the Death March web novel that occurs after the anime's ending.  The fun train isn't stopping any time soon.

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