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Friday, December 22, 2017

Hayate no Gotoku Omake Chapters Translated:

The special omake chapters for volume 51 and volume 52 are translated over at Batoto.  These two chapters were the last releases, coming out even after the end of the manga.  Now that they've been translated the series is really done and can rest in peace.

Neither is very spectacular, but any Hayate is good Hayate.  It's also one more thing I can strike off my eagerly awaited releases list, which is always in danger of growing monstrously large if not occasionally pruned like this.

I wonder when the Mujaki no Rakuen specials will come out?  It should be about time by now.  Also, the latest chapter of Berserk is scheduled to release. . .

It turns out Btooom! is ending in early 2018, not 2017.  Even so, the pattern remains, lots of manga are ending and none are starting.  Even when things are looking bright like when Rurouni Kenshin was revived, the author is suddenly arrested and it goes back on hiatus again.  Manga just can't catch a break.

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