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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vivid Strike Rewatched:

I'm now entirely up to date with the Nanoha series.  I went above and beyond the call of duty by rewatching the whole franchise from square one, up to and including the Vivid Strike oav's that came out just earlier this year.  I decided the opening theme, future strike, was good enough to enter my music hall of fame as well, so now it's back up to 4,276 songs.  (Yui Ogura's third).

I've stress tested every possible source of remixes multiple times now, so it's unlikely I'll find any more.  No doubt there are still a few somehow lurking about, but I have zero leads on how to find them, and odds are I never will.  There's no low lying fruit left to cut.  With Future Strike and going forward, my music list should be growing instead of shrinking.

My original music hall of fame formed in July 20th, with 4,064 songs.  I didn't quite get that rock bottom in my culling, but I was fast approaching that starting point.  And that was before I added any World of Warcraft music, any Granblue Fantasy music, any Gettysburg music, any Lost Odyssey music, any Terra Battle music, any Last Story music, any anything.  To have eliminated enough remixes to fit in all that additional content is truly mind boggling.  It's only natural that there wouldn't be any left after I went this far.

Continuing on the magical girl tack, I think I'll rewatch Fate/Kaleid Liner 3rei next.  The movie should be coming out in English soon and I need to be refreshed and ready for it.  (For that matter, when is the Fairy Tail movie, Dragon Cry coming out in English?  Or the Nanoha Reflection movie?  Hurry up already. . .)

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