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Monday, October 2, 2017

Ranma 1/2 Blu-ray Available:

Thanks to nyaa and [dhd], the Ranma 1/2 ovas and movies are now available for free in glorious 1080p blu-ray.

Get it while it's hot, or forever hold your peace.

Meanwhile, I found two more remixes and another bad song.  Russel Brower's festival lane, mal'ganis, and the light must prevail are all redundant and alleyful of zombies covers them all just as well on its own.  So now I'm down to 4317 songs, still 9.7 days in length.

Meanwhile, Strike of a Blade, Sign and Upheaval from FF 12 were just copies of other FF 12 songs with different names, so they were all cut.  Clash of Swords, which strike of a blade was a complete doppelganger of, was itself just a remix of the FF 12 opening theme, so it also had to go.  State of Emergency also seems to just be a remix of the Opening Theme, as is Sorrow (Liberation Army Theme).  Sorrow (Imperial Version) Agitation (Imperial Version), Dark Night (Imperial Version), Coexistence (Imperial Version), Signs of Change and Dark Clouds (Imperial Version)  are just remixes of Theme of the Empire so they're also out.  Battle for Freedom, Promise with Balfear, The End of the Battle and Mosphoron Highwaste are remixes of Dalmasca Eastersand (and some other songs) so they're out.  Clan Headquarters is a remix of Dalmasca Eastersand combined with Rabanastre, so it's out.  How did I overlook these songs all this time?  Sheesh.  That brings my music hall of fame down to 4300 songs, still 9.7 days.

Then I found five more remixes -- one from FF 1, one from FF 3, one from FF 11, one from FF 12 and one from Heroes of Might and Magic 5.  Hashi o Kakero is a remix of Cornelia Castle, Final Battle 1 is a slower remix of Final Battle 2, Fury contains elements from the FF 11 opening theme, Parting with Penelo contains elements from Penelo's Theme and Shadwyn Lyala for some reason is a remix of the Necropolis city theme.  That brings my list down to 4295 songs, still 9.7 days.  At least the pace at which I'm finding remixes is slowing down.

In addition, Each Story and Luso from FF Tactics Advanced 2 is a remix of Words Put Together, so they had to go.  4293 songs, still 9.7 days.

Meanwhile, Kemono Friends blu-ray is now available in full as well.  Dmonhiro came out with a complete batch, but that isn't really necessary.  All the eps aside from 11-12 were already out in blu-ray, so basically Dmonhiro came out with eps 11-12 in blu-ray, for which I'm thankful.  It's not yet the correct time to be rewatching Kemono Friends, but it's best to download these things while they're still seeded.

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