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Monday, October 23, 2017

Index New Testament Volume 19:

The latest volume of Index has been translated, aside from the Epilogue and Afterword, which should be coming along shortly.  I of course read it all as soon as possible.  With Aleister Crowley turned into a good guy and Lola Stuart banished to another dimension, I'm not sure what's left to fight about in this endless battle action series.  Maybe it can just end here?

Zero no Tsukaima volume 21 is in a similar situation, with all but its final two chapters translated, all of which I've eagerly read.  Both these volumes will be translated by at least some time in November, so now's the time to dive back in.

The first volume of Parchment and Wolf is slated for translation this November as well, though who knows when a free pirated copy will be made available online.

November has some additional treats lined up for us.  Yuuki Yuuna will switch to new content in a few more weeks.  The To Love ru ova will come out, as well as the Yama no Susume ova and the Fairy Tail movie.

Best of all, Little Busters! English Edition will be released, which contains all of the original game, most of Ecstasy, and some bonus content besides, all fully translated.  This may be the best visual novel ever, it could be the best story ever.  The sky's the limit.  The anime only hinted at how good this visual novel was, which will far surpass it, and even then the anime is still ranked #14.  Like Clannad, this is an absolute must read visual novel, there's just no excuse for not experiencing this story in full, the way it was intended to be told, whether you've seen the anime or not.  Since it lacks any erotic content, there's also no prudish excuse available for not playing the game.

Last but not least, Netflix's Punisher tv series airs November 17th.  The trailers for this show look great, and Punisher was great in Daredevil Season 2, so this is an obvious must-see.  It may well be the best Marvel Netflix show of them all.

Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and college football will continue to entertain throughout the month of November as well.

I didn't make much progress on Muv-Luv Extra this October like I had planned because it's just not a very good game.  I'll be happy to switch over to Little Busters! once that comes out.  Most people say Extra isn't any good and only Alternative is worthwhile, so I can't disprove their approval of this franchise just yet.  I have to play the whole series to have the right to criticize it. >.<.

With Yuuki Yuuna, Fairy Tail, Little Busters! and Punisher, November may well be the high point of the entire year.  October and December look dreary in comparison.  But once January rolls around it will be non-stop fun.  Bowl games, NFL playoffs, the Olympics, March Madness, and the World Cup all lined up in a row.  Let's get this party started!

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