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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fate/Kaleid Liner 3rei Rewatched:

It took a little over a year out of my two year grace period, but I finished rewatching Fate/kaleid liner 3rei.  The season started strong when it still had humorous elements, but turned into an unending and incoherent fight (what happened to all of Julian's strength that he displayed in the first fight during the second fight?) for seemingly the entire rest of the time.

There's a ton of mysteries still surrounding Erika, Tanaka, Miyu and Shirou.  Shirou and Miyu's mysteries will presumably be explained in the coming movie, but that still leaves Erika and Tanaka, as well as the mystery of why the world is dying and how it can be saved, totally unresolved.

A lot more explaining and a lot less fighting needs to happen.  Fighting doesn't solve anything, only solving these mysteries will help anyone, including the readers/watchers.

Hopefully the manga will end soon, explaining everything, and then the anime will announce a sequel and cover the now resolved questions.  As things stand the story is totally unsatisfying, even after all these eps.

Sort of like how One Piece needs to explain Noah's role and why it was so important to preserve that ship.  You can't just constantly hype up and foreshadow things, and then just ignore them and move on like they never happened.

Index NT volume 19 is now fully translated.  Academy City has been destroyed and its residents disbanded.  Coronzon is somehow back from the planeshifted universe, and apparently everyone has to go to England.  Okay?  Hopefully this overly long and complicated series ends soon too.  All I ever wanted to know was who Touma ends up marrying, that's all I asked of this stupid author, but no, it's always one crisis after another.

Basilisk isn't actually a manga.  It was originally a novel written in 1958.  So I took the franchise out of the manga category and listed the author, Futaro Yamada, under my light novel authors section instead.  To make room for him I had to kick out Ryogo Narita, but that's no big deal.  I never liked Baccano/Durarara much anyway, it just happened to be well supported in terms of lots of episodes of anime, which makes it look better than it really is compared to other light novel authors.

After having read or watched the anime of the first 22 volumes of Baccano, I'll definitely finish the series even without him being listed in my hall of fame, but I won't ask everyone else on Earth to do the same, it's really not worth it.

There's no need to read the 1958 novel either, the anime adapts it just fine so just go watch the Basilisk anime already.  The sequel season isn't by the same author (it appears to be based off a book by his son?), so there's no guarantee the coming winter anime will be any good.  It is pretty impressive that such a good story, that feels totally modern and normal for anime/manga, was written so long ago though.  Futaro Yamada was a man before his times.

While I was at it I deleted the BanG Dream! manga from my good manga listings.  I don't think the manga and the anime are much related, and not even a single chapter of the manga has ever been translated, so it makes little sense to tout it as something special or amazing.  That leaves three slots open for future manga to fill, as I've only got 97 ranked manga now.

My next rewatch project has to be Shuumatsu no Izetta.  It aired a year ago so it's getting to be about the right time.

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