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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Are White Men Really so Badly Off?:

Liberals like to claim that white nationalists are paranoid, suffering from a persecution complex, and whining about nothing.  Their argument is that white men are only losing their unearned privileges, returning to the mean level of happiness that they should have had all along if they hadn't been exploiting others, and that eventually this lowering will bottom out once everything is fair and equal again, so white men have nothing to fear.

They may even actually believe this.  So long as you believe in fairy tales like IQ isn't genetic, or there are no differences in brain structure between men and women, or other absurd and completely debunked lies, it wouldn't be odd to also believe that a wonderful age of equality will soon be reached, at which point white men will be forgiven for all their previous sins, and we can all get along and sing kumbayah again.

But we in white nationalist circles know this will never happen.  So long as white men are allowed to compete on any meritocratic basis, we will rise to the top over non-whites and women, and then we will be hated for it, and this fair result of competition will be used as yet more evidence of our evil oppression.  We will never be forgiven because we will always be better which means we will always be 'oppressing' and 'exploiting' the innocent non-white-men and therefore we will always be in need of 'correction.'

Conservatives might argue that yes, liberals will always hate us and always be sniping at us from their positions in academia and the media, but we should just let it all slide off us like water off a duck's back, concentrate on making money and getting ahead, ignore all the nonsense and better ourselves and enjoy ourselves.  All their silly resentments are meaningless because they're powerless and it's still possible to succeed in America if you just display some good old fashioned grit.

So again, the claim is that I'm exaggerating the threat and there's no real need for disruptive action, it's better to stay within the system than try to rebuild everything from scratch, which would be like trying to cure a termite infestation with a nuclear bomb instead of just a bit of fumigation which is all that's called for.

But is that working?  Is staying within the system, like the donkey/horse in animal farm, and repeating to ourselves the mantra 'I must work harder,' so that society keeps plugging along despite all the liberal wreckers, really enough to make white men happy in America?

The ticket to success in America is Ivy League admissions.  So how many white men got into Harvard last year?

Half of Harvard went to non-whites last year.  (Which is well above their national average population, so right off the bat we're being discriminated against, even though the average white IQ is well above the average diverse IQ, so it makes no sense that we would be underrepresented.)

Half of Harvard went to women last year.  (Despite the fact that men are on average 5 IQ points smarter than women, so it makes no sense for women to be occupying half of our most elite institutions.)

And out of the 'whites' allowed into Harvard, 50% of those were Jews.  (25% of overall Harvard admissions).

So white men, who make up at least 30% of the population, and are higher IQ than at least 95% of the population, are only 12% of admissions at Harvard.  The rest of the elite college admissions system reflects this same bias.

It's still possible for a few whites here and there to say to themselves, "I must work harder!" and get a nice stock broker job out of Harvard, but it's meaningless advice for the vast majority.  Even if all white men try their hardest, colleges won't accept them on the basis of merit, but are more interested in filling up various diversity quotas, so no matter how hard you work only 12% of white men can fit into this musical chairs game.

I'll tell you what, if the whites who can still graduate from Harvard don't want anything to do with white nationalism, if they're fine with living in the USA and like it here -- more power to them.  They can get rich and live it up in the land that's allowed them to succeed, and the rest of us who had no chance here can try our luck in a different country with different standards, maybe ones where we can succeed too.  We don't need them.  There's way more talent and intelligence in the remaining 88% than the 12% of token whites who were allowed to succeed in  America to give a veneer of fairness to the overall black mass.

Let's look at some other metrics.  Men's wages haven't risen since 1970.  This at a time when productivity has doubled.  It's not just that we aren't rich enough and need more material well-being.  1970's isn't hell.  But it matters very much when your relative status keeps going down.  People's happiness is very much tied into how they feel about themselves and how others treat them, all of which is based on them out-earning the competition.  Most of all, women aren't interested in losers so you can't have the most elementary building block to happiness and success, a wife and children, with 'wages no different since 1970.'

Everyone else's earnings have risen during this time, so our relative status is dropping like a rock, and along with it our prospects for marriage.

White men could be making a lot more in a white nationalist system where their wages weren't undercut by H1-B's, cheap labor mass immigration, women in the workforce, affirmative action, equal opportunity lawsuits, environmental laws, endless regulations, ever-higher-taxes, a 20 trillion dollar debt and hundreds of trillions promised to failed programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and pensions that we will have to pay for in higher taxes in the future, etc, etc, etc.

With that extra earning power would come additional respect and praise and marriageability.  We would be walking with a spring in our steps again.

Now if you're white and you're filthy rich, if you have great job security and everyone calls you 'Herr Professor' and bows as you walk by, maybe white nationalism isn't for you.  You can continue to live it up in diverse, multicultural USA.  For every one of you there's a thousand equally competent whites who might want to try their luck in a new system that doesn't actively try to destroy them.

Now let's talk more about women.  Access to (attractive) women is the key ingredient to success in life.  Are white men content with the sexual marketplace as things stand?  Or would they want to see a few changes under a new, pro-white-male, system?

In 1900 or so, virtually all whites were married, to thin, attractive, young girls (teens or 20's.), who would never cheat on you, who were virgins before marriage, who would honor and obey you, and who would never divorce you.  You could look forward to lots of sex and lots of kids, accompanied by very little griping or nagging.

It sound like something out of Mohammed's descriptions of paradise, it sounds so unreal, but every one of these statements is backed up by statistical, undisputed facts.  This really was what life was like, as surreal as it sounds.  This is what used to be the norm.

Now, matters are worse.  Most men aren't married.  80% of women are fat and unattractive.  When they do marry, they're already well past their prime.  50% of them cheat on you.  50% of them divorce you.  90+% aren't virgins, 90+% don't honor or obey you.  The average amount of sex in a relationship is way, way down even when you supposedly are married, and the law has now changed such that marital rape, a previously inconceivable oxymoron, is now a crime enforceable by law.  Oh, and if you're lucky, you'll have two kids at max.  If you're unlucky your wife will insist on adopting black children from Africa because they're so poor and unfortunate and we need to prove how enlightened we are.  No matter what you do they'll constantly be complaining about all your faults and how much more you should be doing for them.

It's no wonder most men don't marry in a world like this.  There's nothing to be gained from it and everything to lose.  And yet, biologically speaking, the white man's deepest desire and instinct is to marry a women and raise children together with her.  This is what we do.  This is what we're specialized for.  We had the most monogamous, loving and close marriages in the world, historically, it was our pride and our greatest moral ascendancy over the rest of the world.

In Vinland, in a new white nationalist nation, there would be a chance for men to marry like the old days.  Now, at first it may be pretty dismal -- I expect nine men to be eager to form Vinland for every woman -- but what's the use?  Your chances are even worse at a happy marriage in America.  If you're single already, nothing changes.  But more importantly, looking forward, your troubles as a involuntary celibate in Vinland are temporary, whereas in America they're permanent.  The next generation of children raised in Vinland will be back to the normal gender balance, (or if we wanted, we could select for nine women for every man. . .), and these children will be raised in a culture and environment and law code that makes sure men get to enjoy the 1900's married life rather than the current farce.  Perhaps a white nationalist will have to take one for the team and die childless and unattached -- no worse than their fate as a non-white nationalist, but sad nonetheless.  But you know what, in the first case they can take solace in the fact that their kith and kin, their racial brethren, will never have to suffer the same fate they went through.  That they personally put the world back on track and now people very much like them, sharing their same values, same looks, same culture, same language, same morals and same genes, will get to have, forever, moving forward, what America deprived them of.

Untold millions of men have died through the ages, childless and unattached, to protect the tribe.  Brave men throughout our history have made the ultimate sacrifice for a dream of much lesser value.  We're talking about the greatest standard of living increase possible, from hell to heaven, while Washington's boys were fighting over a stamp tax.

Living in a gender unbalanced nation and having to stay single in return for setting things right and getting to lead a virtuous and honest life again is not too much to ask.

If being shut out from all elite, powerful, and prestigious positions, getting lower relative pay than everybody else, and having women treat you like dirt all your life long isn't bad enough, if we should let all that slide off our backs like water and just apply some more 'grit' already, then how about this?

“Across all of these studies, (researchers) found that having a positive sense of identity and feeling proud about your ethnic-racial group led to a host of positive measures,” Yip said.

White men would be a lot better off if they were allowed to feel proud about their identity and race.  Instead we are offered only the exact opposite in America.  We must be made to feel ashamed of ourselves, guilty, penitent, groveling.  Our identity is 'the cancer of human history,' our only identity is 'evil oppressors across all time and space who have ruined everything for everyone else, raping and exploiting and doing atrocities to all the other peoples of the world.'

If you don't think this harms our overall well-being then you're living in la la land or lying.  Not only is it obviously important for people to feel good about themselves, but all scientific studies have already proven this to be true.

Even if it were a lie, even if you had to make it all up, it would be better for whites if they were taught to love themselves and take pride in purely fanciful accomplishments that will make them feel like they can aspire to greatness too.

How much more daemonic is it that we are taught to hate ourselves and be ashamed of ourselves when, in actuality, we are the one group with the greatest claim to human accomplishment in history?  And not just by some small margin.  White men are responsible for virtually everything that exists in the world today.  Everything.  It's all because of us.  We're all progress in all human history.  We have more to be proud about than everyone else combined, times ten.

According to Charles Murray's Human Accomplishment, a meticulously researched study, in the sciences and the arts, 90+% of accomplishment rests squarely on our shoulders.  But even that study falls short of our true contributions to the world.  We did so much more than science and art.  We spread morality to the far corners of the Earth.  We stamped out evil customs, evil traditions, evil empires, and replaced them with the light of truth, kindness, love and goodness.  We freed women from horrid circumstances and made the whole world treat them like human beings.  We stopped awful superstitions like human sacrifice and demanded people enter the enlightenment like we did.

We ended slavery.  No one else.  We didn't invent slavery, we ended it.  It was still endemic all across the Earth before us.  And the way women were treated, they were all slaves back then compared to us.

We ended the caste system, where people through no merit of their own were given all the wealth and women and bounty of the Earth, simply upon birth, and demanded people actually earn their privilege.  No one else did that.  Every native culture had its samurai, Incas, Brahmins, Sultans, etc.  They all had their harems and palaces and other extravagances built on the backs of the poor.  It was we who toppled all the rotten rulers and required everyone to have an equal start at the starting line.

We ended war.  It used to be that life meant walking over to your neighbor's village, stealing their cattle, torturing and mutilating their men to death, and raping their women.  This was just the accepted norm.  For hundreds of thousands of years, this was all life was, the full mental map, in places like North America, Africa, New Guinea, etc.  Islam felt like the whole world belonged to them by divine right and did all the same atrocities in a more systematized and efficient system that was even worse.  But we stopped the Muslims at the gates of Vienna, thanks to Jon Sobieski, we stopped them in the seas thanks to Portugal, we stopped them in France thanks to Charles Martel, and we saved the world from their eternal jihad.  We defanged the monsters all across the world engaged in casual cruelty, slaughter and mayhem for their own personal satisfaction.  We conquered the world, toppled all the local big men, and brought about world peace and the rule of law.

Now the percentage of people who die due to violence is the lowest in human history.  And even after colonialism ended, America always intervened against tyranny and slaughter and for freedom.  We saved the world from the brutality of communism, the newly revived fanaticism of Islam, and stopped all would be conquerors from annexing anyone else's territory with stern reminders of white western strength that was always ready to intervene on behalf of the little guy (see Kuwait.)  We've gone to the far corners of the globe, with nothing to gain for ourselves, just to save others.  In South Sudan, in Syria, in South Korea, with peacekeepers deployed all over the planet.  Even though Afghanistan staged the worst terror attack in history against us, we responded by giving them roads, schools, and an electricity grid while overseeing a gigantic population and economic boom.

We could not have a prouder legacy, philosophically speaking.  Our thoughts on how life and society should be constituted, starting with the Greeks and Romans, all the way through to the Americans, have provided the whole world with a better, happier, more peaceful and successful way of life than the models they had built for themselves.  We have inspired and taught the world.

So okay.  Fact A) Everyone feels better and does better in life when they're proud of their identity and ethnicity/race, are proud of their history and ancestors, and feel like they are destined for great things and their descendants will do well after they die.

Fact B)  Whites in fact can be proud of all of these things, should be proud of all of these things, and should feel that they and their descendants deserve greatness.

Fact C)  Whites are instead ashamed of themselves and feel guilty, hate their ancestors, hate that they're born to their own race and don't feel like they should have any descendants or any success in life, because we're the cancer of human history and why would you want to spread or continue the legacy of a cancer?

Fact D)  Any whites who aren't ashamed of themselves and see through the lies of the Jedi, who have joined the dark side and know the power of the dark side of the force, are nevertheless destroyed all the same, according to a second and separate mechanism:

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”  ― Theodore Dalrymple

White men are destroyed by having to lie, by having to write in various essays that whites are evil and should be ashamed, even when they don't believe it.  The humiliation of having to endorse something you know is evil and untrue breaks you all the same.  And just like how Peter had to deny Jesus over and over at his crucifixion, because people kept asking him over and over, the lies and the humiliation are unending.  Virtually every day you are forced to mouth some pc-shibboleth, lest you be outed and destroyed.  You must deny the truth and endorse an evil lie every day to stay employed, to stay friends, to stay family, to maintain your prestige and honors and endorsements, to have a chance to marry and have kids.

A catch-22 like no other.  Lose yourself, or lose everyone else.

The psychic harm done to white men by this catch-22 is worse than everything else I listed above, all of it combined.  If people can bear with losing their chance at love, marriage, reproduction, decent wages, decent jobs, and everything else, they still can't bear to lose this -- their very souls.  America robs us of our right to truth, honor, and human decency.  We must instead live in a state of constant humiliation.  Worse than any slave, we must even persecute ourselves.

So yes, we are that badly off.  And yes, a radical solution is necessary because the problem is radical.  Maybe not for everybody.  Let's say some fraction of white men are doing great, love their lives, have no problems and want to stay American.  Nobody is stopping them, and I'm not talking to them.  I have no clue who these people might be, but whatever, that's great, congratulations.  But guess what?  It's not like that for everyone, for the rest of us, and we still want to be happy too.  We should have that right.  We should have a chance to pursue our own happiness, just like they've pursued theirs, and we cannot be happy under this regime.  Maybe they can be, but we can't.  We value our souls and the truth too highly, we value honesty and virtue too much, and we want things that we simply cannot have while we still live under this nightmare labyrinth of lies.  The drug overdoses plaguing the white male community speak more eloquently of our despair than anything I can write about or explain.  It should be obvious to anyone that no, things are not all right, we're dropping like flies out there.  It's time for a change.

Let my people go.

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