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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Russel Wilson and Phillip Rivers Are the Real Deal:

I was pretty harsh on the current starting quarterbacks of the NFL.  I think I neglected the performances of two solid starters who have been around for a long time and proven their worth over these many years.  Both, strangely, from North Carolina State.

Russel Wilson has done wonders with the Seahawks, even winning a Super Bowl.  They're in playoff position this year as well.  I have no doubt he'll be a legend by the end of his career.

Meanwhile Phillip Rivers has been a workhorse over at San Diego.  He continues to accumulate record amounts of yards and touchdowns and maintains an amazing completion percentage across decades of work.  He may not have as many playoff wins to show for it, but that isn't his fault, it's because the rest of the team can't keep up with him.  His touchdown to interception ratio shows a cool hand at work and his loyalty to the same team across his entire career is really touching.

It looks like Supergirl has already ended for the year.  This will be the last week of The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow as well, until well into 2017.  On the bright side, Luke Cage Season 2 was announced, so the Marvel tv franchise is still going strong.  The bowl season is looking really fun, with 12 of 14 SEC teams making it to the post-season.  No doubt the SEC will dominate yet again, and Alabama will win yet another title.

In comparison, the American conference has 7/12 teams.  The ACC has 11/14.  The Big 12 has 6/10.  The Big 10 has 10/14.  Conference USA has 7/13.  Independents have 2/4.  The MAC has 6/12.  The Mountain West has 7/12.  The Pac 12 has 6/12.  And the Sun Belt has 6/11.

The Bowl Challenge Cup is always the most interesting aspect of bowl season.  The SEC won last year with an amazing 9 wins to 2 losses.  Watch it repeat this year as well.

The four teams I predicted would be in the college football playoff were indeed picked.  It wasn't a difficult pick this time.  Wisconsin vs. unbeaten Western Michigan will make for a very interesting Cotton Bowl.

Assassination Classroom S2 has come out subbed in blu-ray, so now's the chance to rewatch this series in its finest form as well.  First Vivid, now Assassination Classroom, what will come out next?

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