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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Is Trump a viable alternative to white nationalism?:

Imagine Trump is re-elected in four years, maintains a majority in congress, appoints an entire new Supreme Court and fulfills all his campaign promises.  Islamic terror is put to rest, and Muslim immigration is reduced to near zero.  All 11 million illegals are deported and people no longer flood in from south of the border.  Blacks stop rioting and learn to obey cops because we won't take their crap anymore.  Crime drops dramatically.  Businesses are allowed to hire and fire whom they please, affirmative action is rescinded, and Christianity becomes a stronger cultural icon than the mass media.

Does this mean a new, all-white nation was never needed?  That Nazism was dead wrong?  That appealing to 48% of the population made a hell of a lot more sense than 3%?

Nope.  Even this isn't good enough.  America is still doomed under this Trumpian scenario, and America still never becomes great again.  This is because over 50% of children in America are already non-white, there still isn't going to be a moratorium on non-white legal immigration, and most whites are baby boomers who will die of old age, thus rendering our electoral chances null and void in just a decade or two.  The people holding this country together don't have the same lifespans as the people trying to tear it apart.  It's nice that we can still elect Trump for now, but the rising tide of color is locked in due to human mortality and who we allowed to reproduce up until now.

America is on death row.  Trump's reforms, as welcome as they would be, won't do anything to change this basic reality.  Which means we still need to prepare a lifeboat to escape this country once it all starts crumbling down.  The drastic actions needed to truly make America great again -- deporting all non-whites, stopping all non-white immigration, forcing white women to marry and have children, banning all the Jewish lies that corrupted us into this miasma in the first place -- will not, cannot be taken by a 'citizenist' approach.  Conservatives who want to be color blind will never agree to these drastic measures, not if we wait for a million years.  And yet only these drastic measures could possibly head off the coming existential crisis of a majority-minority America, our 1.3 white fertility rate, our ever rising debt, the ever more shrill and strident social justice warriors demanding ever lower and lower standards of behavior in order to reach the lowest common denominator of equality, the ecological disaster of the 4 billion Africans set to be born by 2100 choosing to move here for our greener pastures, etc, etc.

There is no bright future for our country because we don't have the guts to solve the many crisis heading down the pipeline.  We're on a collision course with so many icebergs not even an X-wing, much less our Titanic of a nation, could avoid them all.

All Trump can do is make life better for the next ten or twenty years.  After that reality will snap back and assert itself as though Trump's reign never even happened.  White baby boomers can't live forever, and young people voted overwhelmingly democrat.  Even if white millennials become super conservative and vote like their grandparents in 2030, they'll no longer be a majority of the voting age population, and non-whites vote democrat around 70-30.  It's great that Trump won a few days back, but remember 61 million people still voted for an open Satan worshiping, child molesting, rape enabling mass murderer whose only selling point was her standard liberal talking points.  The democrats chose the worst possible frontman for their philosophy and thus lost, but if they had chosen anyone else on Earth they probably would have won.  Next time they won't make the same mistake.  Liberalism still has complete power over this country.  If you say anything that goes against the liberal creed, you will be dumped by your friends, family and lovers, fired from your job, expelled from your school, and completely incapable of getting ahead again for the rest of your life.  Trump may be in power, but that doesn't save any of us from our oppression.  He has a billion dollars to defend himself with, the rest of us have nothing.  It's not like Watson or Richwine have been brought back into the fold.  They're still un-persons, just like if Stalin had erased them, whether Trump is elected or not.

America has no future.  I think the next decade will be wonderful, but that's just a drop in the ocean.  We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.  A future.  Not a decade of happiness followed by an eternity of misery and despair.  No white child will thank us for bringing them into existence today as things stand.  When they come crying to our graves, asking why we gave birth to them, knowing all the bad trends that were set to come to fruition, knowing that they would be second class citizens, victims of crime and rape like in South Africa or the Ottoman Empire, taxed 90% like slaves, demonized in the schools and the media daily, outvoted in every election, etc, etc -- we can't speak to them as ghosts saying "Don't blame me, I thought Trump was going to turn everything around!"  That's a pretty myopic way of thinking right there.  Trump is 70 years old, it's not like he's going to be around to protect us forever either.  We need a country where we know, we know, that white children will be able to grow up without harm, without insult, and with enough prosperity that they can form their own families in turn.  None of those things are possible in present-day America.  Having a white child in modern day America is straight out child abuse.  They are all destined to become a hated minority and I shudder to think what's in store for them a few decades down the road.

Trump was elected, great, but that doesn't change the fact that in America today, our median household income is lower than it was in 2000, and white life expectancies are actually going down (even as our triumphant oppressors, the blacks and hispanics, are living longer.), our fertility rate is going down, our marriage rate is going down, our reported hope for the future is at rock bottom (unlike blacks and hispanics who predict a rosy future for their children), our happiness rates are at rock bottom, our labor force participation is at rock bottom, and so on.  It just isn't working.  It already doesn't work.  Can you imagine how bad things will be in 2040, when diversity takes over once and for all?

Obviously, conservatism is more persuasive and has more adherents, and it feels nice to be on the winning side.  But the 3% of people who voted for Duke are the only true hope for the white race.  The 48% who voted for Trump are just going down a dead end.  It feels good to win, so I can understand why people would love to belong to the 48% instead of the 3%.  But those 3% are the only people who can possibly win in the long run.  You may as well bet everything on that 3% chance, because the 48% isn't going to lead us anywhere.

All the more pathetic, Duke's previous run for the Senate in 1990 got 44% of the vote.  So now we've gone from a 44% racist-nazi population in Louisiana down to 3%.  That's not a very encouraging sign.  But perhaps it is encouraging in one sense.  The 44% who voted for Duke last time were probably unaware of his racism, or at the very least very little media attention had been used to demonize him yet.  The 3% who voted for Duke this time know precisely how racist he is, have ignored all the media brainwashing about him for the last thirty years, and still voted for him.  This implies that at the very least, there is a hard core of America, 3% of (at least Southern) Americans, who openly adhere to the Nazi line.  No one can bully or shame them out of their position, unlike the sunshine patriot 44% who voted for Duke last time.  And as I showed before, a handful of extremists are worth infinitely more than an endless deluge of wishy-washy supporters.  I had hoped that America was at least 10% Nazi, in which case we already had enough strength to win a revolutionary war, but 3% is also okay.  All we need now is some effective propaganda and the continuing worse-is-better reality of America in steady decline, becoming ever more hostile to white Americans and the lives of our children ever more endangered, to get us over the top.  Once enough disenchanted members of the 48% who thought they could make their country great again but realize that's actually impossible are as extreme as this 3% kernel that voted for Duke against all the media's shaming tactics and peer pressure, things can start changing rapidly and suddenly in our favor in a way that electoral politics and Trumpian color-blind conservatism can never produce.

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