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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

There is no Limit:

For the sacred principle of fairness, neither liberals nor libertarians will ever bend on the issue of muslim terrorism, black crime, homosexual pedophilia, etc, etc.

Muslims could kill ten million people tomorrow, liberals would still say 'we just need to stop offending them' and libertarians will say 'they're not all like that.'

No amount of evidence can ever contradict a principle.  The principle of liberals is that until any designated group has as high quality living standards as white males in developed countries they must be given every allowance and indulgence out of pity, because inequality just isn't fair and therefore a thumb must be put in the balance until it all comes out even again.

Meanwhile, the principle of libertarians is that everyone must be judged as an atomized individual and no conclusions can be drawn about person y, no matter how similar they are to person x, regardless of what person x just did.  I wouldn't be surprised if libertarians said that every grain of rice should be judged individually and we mustn't generalize about the taste of a bowl of rice.

You could flip a coin a thousand times and it could come up heads a thousand times, and libertarians would insist there's still a 50% chance the next muslim won't be a terrorist and it could always come up tails next time.

These people cannot be reasoned with because they are operating on a completely different programming language.  This stuff is hardwired.  You could say they're iredeemable.

The answer is to separate.  Libertarians should be given a libertarian country where they can judge each other as individuals.  Liberals should be given a liberal country where everyone's life prospects are exactly equal.  And realists should be given a realist country where we're allowed to draw conclusions from the obvious reality in front of us, use pattern recognition to our advantage, and generalize from our understanding of human nature down to the particulars of what must be done to mold a functioning society.

Those of us who care about common sense and doing what's clearly in our best interests cannot do so while outnumbered by lala land denizens who just want to abide by their principles no matter the cost.  Just as our differences are irreconcilable with them, their differences are irreconcilable with each other, so America needs at least three countries just to get started.

Rather than pointing out that deporting all Muslims from America and refusing to let any more immigrate into America would have prevented the last two terror attacks against Americans that happened over the past week, we should call for secession and the right to set policy for ourselves, because no amount of evidence will ever change their minds about what values they hold most dear.  They'd rather die from terror attacks than discriminate against Muslims, so just let them.  My only objection is that they insist on us participating in their moral farces alongside them.  Can't we all just go our separate ways?

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