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Saturday, September 3, 2016

0 Zika Cases due to Rio Olympics:

Another scurrilous lie confirmed.  All the liars who said the Rio Olympics should be canceled or postponed until the zika virus went away (when would that be, centuries from now?) have now been exposed for the dirty scum they are.  They weren't medical experts.  They were dead wrong about the actual science.  They were just biased liars trying to destroy the Olympics, which they hate because it's a symbol of patriotism and meritocracy.  The objective results of sports are just too truthful for these vampires to handle, like crosses or garlic.  If liberals had their way, they would cancel all sports because they are too masculine for pussy liberals to handle.  They probably all remember sucking at gym class and just want their revenge by reporting the Olympics into oblivion decades later.

Notice that all the liars, all the lying press, all the people who predicted total disaster due to one cause or another, not a single one of them has come forward and apologized for getting the story completely wrong.  They were factually wrong about every single prediction, every single issue they brought up was totally fraudulent, and yet there is no accountability and no one is getting fired over it.  The bias is so extreme that all journalistic standards have simply been thrown out the window.

Those ludicrous golfers who lied and said they couldn't compete at Rio due to the Zika virus should all be banned from the sport.  If they won't show up at the Olympics then we don't want you here anymore.  Worse than boycotting the Olympics just because they refuse to play without a cash reward at the end (these people are rolling in millions so to demand money for every game is greed gone mad, absolutely no point to being that stingy), they lied about their reasons why and smeared an entire event and country in order to cover up their own personal agendas.  That's called slander and it's a crime.  Somehow the women golfers, who are under more threat from Zika than the men, all managed to compete at Rio, so the joke that the men just felt too threatened to take the risk was a lie on the face of it.  They should be called out for their lies and punished for them, just like Lochte and crew were.

Colorado sure looked good in their conquest of Colorado State.  They've been a bottom tier team ever since they joined the Pac-12, but maybe now things are changing?  In a few hours the big boys start playing, though.  Houston vs. Oklahoma is an Orange Bowl quality game and it's the first game of the first week of the season.  Extraordinary.

Hanasaki Work Spring's fan translation has been suspended due to a take down notice, but no official company is translating it either.  Such a shame.  Not that I can keep up with the translated visual novels coming out either. . .  But Hanasaki looked so good.  Sigh.

I updated the chronology aspect of my Top Anime Rankings permapost.  For some reason Bleach was missing from a few years during which the show was running (and with really good eps, too!), so I've added the poor mistreated show back in, while fixing various other minor issues.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar's 4th volume translation has fallen silent for almost a month.  Like Oreshura volume 6.5 and Haganai volume 10, I'm afraid we've lost another series to the void.  This is why I hate light novels, you never actually get to read to the end.

FF XV Kingsglaive was a nice display of CG tech and the coolness of dungeons and dragons 'blink' style teleportation.  It didn't have much in the way of characters or story though.  Basically a ravening evil empire defeated a helplessly and hopelessly overpowered small nation, like Germany vs. Denmark.  What else would you expect?  You can't create an interesting story out of such an uninteresting setting.  I hope the real game has a little more balance and gives the good guys the tools they need to compete in the future.

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