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Saturday, July 2, 2016

D.S. ~ Dal Segno ~ getting an English translation:

Great news.  Just as soon as Da Capo III is finished being translated, mangagamer has switched over to translating D.S. (Dal Segno) next.  This visual novel has been on my eagerly awaited releases list ever since it came out in Japan and now my wish has come true.  Not that there's any time to play it on my already packed schedule but it can join the backlog with all the rest of the upcoming gems.

Berserk (2016) skipped tons of content in the manga.  It also seems to be censoring any sex/nudity and anytime where Guts kills humans and not demons.  I wouldn't even mind the CG aspect if it just followed the source.  In any case, it's a disappointment.  Any Berserk is a good thing, but this could have been done better in a variety of ways.  As such, I'm putting Berserk right back on my wishlist, this time for all the scenes they just skipped or censored in the current installment.  Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare was pushed off the list because the manga is too short to start animating right now anyway.

ReLife is now on my runners-up list because I watched the whole series on the same day it came out, which lets it qualify for the 'good' ranking.

Defan's Translations has the first 70% of chapter 20 of SAO volume 17 translated.  It's as riveting as ever, I read it all in a day and now just anxiously await the next portion like everyone else.

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