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Friday, July 15, 2016

America is Schizophrenic:

What to make of a country that desires greater diversity and tries to avoid it at the same time?

In a recent poll, 58% of Americans thought greater diversification of our country would improve things, 35% said it wouldn't make any difference, and 7% said it would make the country worse.  Which means there's an astounding 93% majority in favor of more 3rd world immigration into America and ultimately white genocide.  Once you 'diversify' a country to 100% non-white it can't get any more diverse, so sadly the country can no longer benefit from any more diversity, but up until that point you should just keep pouring on the oil because nothing can go wrong.  For a country that's already slated to be majority non-white in just a few years, whose children are already majority non-white, the idea that what America really needs right now is even more diversity is a chilling statement of liberal's true purpose, to chase down and destroy every last white person in America.

Only 7% of Americans are even willing to take the milquetoast position that flooding the country with more Africans, Muslims and Hispanics would bring down the average, despite all the endless statistics showing their criminality, low education, welfare use, poverty, proclivity to commit terror attacks, etc, all readily at their fingertips and reported on the news daily.  Make the country worse is the understatement of the century.  How about utterly annihilate the country in all but name?  Once the whites are all gone -- which will happen, through one means or another -- (whites willingly choose not to reproduce because they see their race has no future in America, whites who subconsciously reject reproduction because things just don't feel safe anymore, whites who can't afford to marry or have children because their tax burdens are too high and have lost any job prospects due to endless immigration and affirmative action, whites who don't want their children to go to diverse schools where they'll be bullied by their peers and taught to feel guilty and evil by the teachers in every class lecture so just don't have kids, whites who choose to interbreed with non-whites and thus their kids are no longer white, whites who decide to emigrate out of America because it is no longer an inviting place to live, whites who are direct victims of criminals, whites who turn to drugs, alcohol and suicide because diversity has turned their lives into ones of total despair and helplessness, whites who choose same-sex relations after being brainwashed in schools and the media that this is the only way for whites to join the modern nobility of the 'oppressed' and the 'diverse coalition' that all non-whites automatically get an entry into, and that somehow true love and fulfillment is found in same sex relationships and there's something suspect and 'authoritarian' about male-female bonding, and thus voluntarily relinquish their family lines, and ultimately, whites who are killed off ((through forced intermarriage, massacres, infinitely high taxation, sterilization for being a demonic race that's at the heart of all problems and therefore as a moral necessity must be stopped from producing any further demon children or whatever)) by the oppressive diversity-voted-in-government once we've become too small a minority to resist anymore.)

At the same time, the majority of Americans favor Trump over Hillary, who is opposed to the greater diversification of the country.  Make sense of that.  At the same time, whites continue to segregate themselves from non-whites whenever possible in their personal life.  The vast majority marry other whites, have only white friends, go to white majority schools, live in white majority neighborhoods, and move whenever these things change to whiter soil.  So while they're fine with flooding the country in abstract with non-whites, they are totally opposed to non-whites ever living in their vicinity.  Do they really think the country is infinitely vast and no matter how much more diverse we become there will always be a place for lily white neighborhoods where they can still reside?

But it isn't enough.  Wanting to live in a lily-white community is not enough to stop the threat of diversity.  Imagine whites get their way, and they all live in strictly segregated neighborhoods and schools and even that they only marry among themselves.  Once enough non-whites are granted citizenship and the vote, everything will be taken from us, just like it was taken from the whites of Rhodesia and South Africa.  Just like the Portuguese of Mozambique were forced out of the country, or the French of Algeria, or how all the whites in Haiti were killed, even the mulattoes.  Non whites hate us so much that once they get power there won't be any more of this live and let live separate but equal crap.  They will take all of our property, they will rape and enslave our women like the Turks did to the slavs, and they will kill us all like the Haitians and the slave revolters who are currently being championed as heroes in the recent movie Birth of a Nation that killed even the white women and children without mercy in the South.

Remember, every day schools teach our diverse children that whites are the cause of all their problems, and that we are uniquely evil beings across all of history who have done more wickedness to mankind than all the rest of mankind combined could ever compete with.  Every day in the press a new story of white wickedness is spread to the diverse masses explaining how we've yet again insulted and oppressed them.  Supposedly Nazi Germany was whipped up into a genocidal frenzy against the Jews due to newspapers like the Daily Stormer being published that badmouthed them and laid all the blame at their feet.  So why do we assume the same won't happen here, after a century of hate propaganda, when Germany did it in only ten years?

This will all come in stages, bit by bit, but we've already seen the denouement in Zimbabwe and South Africa.  We all know where the road leads.  So why do all these people support increased non-white immigration into the country while simultaneously being opposed to the consequences of said immigration?

Vice news said it wanted more diversity for the sake of better tasting food and sounding music.  Unfortunately for Vice news, Japan is 99% homogeneous and is rated as having the most 5 star restaurants in the world.  They are experts at not only Japanese cooking but all cooking styles and eat whatever they want over there, because magically, somehow, they're able to learn worldwide cooking recipes without actively becoming the race of said cooks.  As though brains have a use and we don't just cook by instinct.  Imagine that.  And as far as music goes, the people we are importing's musical traditions are pathetic compared to our own, and in fact all we're doing is getting further and further away from good music the more diversity we import.

Any qualified judge of music will attest to the fact that whites invented 'music' as it is known today, that our classical music, folk music, and rock music belongs to halls of fame which no other race can enter or possibly compete with in terms of quality or quantity.  If we really wanted increased high quality music there's plenty of diversity within the white race, like Irish music, Hungarian music, Russian music, etc, without even having to scratch the surface of outsiders.  The only composers of good music, and the cooks of the finest cuisine outside of traditional white cuisines (French, Italian, German), are East Asians.  Everyone loves the music of Final Fantasy and Chinese restaurants.  But we aren't importing East Asian immigrants.  I'd even settle for Vietnamese but we don't get those either.  Instead we get Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, and Syrians, all noted for their skill in killing but never in cooking or music composition.  Funny how that works.  As for the idea that we need even more Mexicans, I think there's enough by now to put a Mexican Restaurant and play a wooden guitar while shouting 'ole!' on every block, so I'm not sure how much more they can enrich us.

Whites are losing the ability to control their own destiny in America by importing so many foreign voters.  Do liberals really want to live in Mexico or Brazil?  Or Venezuela?  Or Guatemala?  Or Syria?  Is that really their ideal form of government?  Because if not, importing millions and millions of these baby making factories onto American soil will not give them the democratic victory they're hoping for over the Republicans.  It won't just be gay parades and gun control.  The blacks and Hispanics and Muslims aren't going to stop there, and just be your willing tool as the enlightened liberal whites run everything in America.  They're going to recreate the governments they founded in their own countries, and vote for their own politicians who reflect their wishes, which have nothing to do with yours.  How does sharia law fit into women's lib and gay pride parades?  How does corruption equal a more fair distribution of wealth?  How do drug wars increase education spending?

I imagine the majority of whites who answered 'yes' to greater diversity in the country weren't thinking so strategically though.  They just like the idea of a country without bigotry or discrimination, and the only way to get to that utopia where everyone loves each other, holds hands and sings is to have open borders, and thus not show any hatred or exclusion towards anyone in the world.  While true in abstract, this idea is helplessly deluded.  The people we are importing in come with their own home-grown bigotry, so we're actually importing more bigoted people than we had before.  In addition, once diversity starts rubbing up against each other, new bigotry is born which was never there before.  Not just in whites who quickly learn to hate blacks once inundated with them.  Hispanics and blacks are regularly killing each other over turf wars, getting in race riots in schools and prisons, and generally can't stand each other.  The same for the LA riots where the blacks attacked the Korean stores, or Al Sharpton's attack on the Jews of New York City.  Omar Mateen was a democrat, as were the gay latinos in Orlando, but it didn't save them now did it?  Diversity doesn't all just hate white people, who will die off, thus ending all hate on Earth.  They hate each other even more than they hate us, or we hate them.  They hate each other with a passion.  Bigotry will never die, it will simply explode, once too many elements are put in the same place and there's no room for anyone to breathe anymore.  Packing as much diversity as possible on Earth into the smallest possible space is a good formula for another big bang, but as a way to improve community relations?  It's never worked even once in all of history.

Nothing good comes from greater diversity.  Whites must know this in their bones, or they wouldn't self-segregate in their personal lives.  Cowardly allowing immigrants in as a 'sop' to the diversity illusion, as a way to 'get the liberals off my back' and 'let us self segregate from there,' is not a permanent solution.  Fifty or a hundred years down the line your children and grandchildren will be living with the consequences, and we'd best hope they're Haiti and not the Ottoman Turks.  Right now all you have to do is be un-pc and vote Trump.  Fifty or a hundred years from now we'll be struggling just to not be butchered and raped as sex slaves for life.  Is 'getting liberals off our backs' really worth visiting that future on your children?  Is not being called a racist so vitally important?  Are you really going to push the minor pinprick of pain you'll feel today for stopping this madness onto the backs of innocent strangers who will be immersed in eternal torture chambers because you did nothing?

I detest the hypocritical Americans of today, all 93% of them who hand-waved away the destruction of their race, while still marrying their own, living in lily white communities, and sending their kids to white schools.  They are despicable.  They know the real score, but they won't act on it.  They live a double life and like squirmy eels and leeches drip hypocrisy and lies everywhere they slither.  Because of them, the greatest country on Earth will soon become a tomb.  I hate them, but as I'm only a member of the 7%, there's nothing at all I can do against them.  Like 'We the Living' said, the only option in circumstances like this is to kill yourself, kill your mind, or leave.  And since all white countries are simultaneously destroying themselves with third world immigration, even Iceland, the only place left to leave to is space, Antarctica, the open sea or virtual reality.  Let's hope a viable escape hatch is constructed before the clock hits midnight.

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