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Friday, May 27, 2016

Big Order, Mayoiga Dropped:

Both of these shows refused to ever tell a coherent, logical story that the audience could actually follow.  In addition to its mad twists and turns, Big Order is so full of sunbeams that it can't even stay on screen.  Mayoiga's characters are so ridiculous that no one can take them seriously, the same problem as Danganronpa.  There's a limit to tolerance and there's no way these series should be watched in full and thus qualify as good in my rankings.  I wouldn't endorse these shows to anybody.

After rewatching Unlimited Fafnir, I know for sure that my promotion of it was correct.  It's so much better than the likes of Mayoiga.

Rewrite+ is getting an English release, which is always nice.  The extra artwork looks like the biggest bonus from the original version.

Card Captor Sakura is getting a new anime.  I hope it's a remake that follows the manga this time, like Sailor Moon Crystal.  Otherwise I don't really see the point.

Naruto is back out of filler so be sure to watch it.

If Jojo's weren't famous, I'd have dropped it by now too.  This is a far cry from the quality of season 2.

The 13 Hours movie is quite good.  It's amazing what a few people can do with good fortifications, decent equipment and the courage to actually act.

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