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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vote Mitt Romney for President:

I'm a Texan.  Texas is going to vote for Mitt Romney.  Due to the electoral college system, whether I voted for Obama, Romney, a third party candidate, or nobody at all, my 'vote' will be tallied for Mitt Romney anyway.  This is a ridiculous system that was outdated centuries ago.  But as it stands, it means there's no point to me voting as someone who's already living in a Republican stronghold state.  The only people who need to vote are the people living in swing states, where the election will actually be decided.  People in Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, etc.  If you live in one of those states, please vote for Mitt Romney.  Vote for a Republican Senate and House too, while you're at it.

The electoral college is ridiculous.  It gives unfair weight to people who live in small states as opposed to people who live in larger ones.  For that matter, the Senate is ridiculous.  Why should South Dakota get two senators when Texas only gets two senators?  How on Earth are the two states equal in any way?  In what democracy does a state of a few hundred thousand people equal a state of twenty million?  In every way, the people of Texas have been disenfranchised.  In Texas, federal courts get to decide how our districts are drawn up, because we lost the Civil War and therefore don't have the same democratic rights as Northern states that supported the Union to draw up our own districts.  In Texas, the courts have decided it is illegal to ask for voter ID, even though it's okay for Northern states to ask for voter ID and the courts have already okayed their laws.  Therefore, federal courts, which are liberal cesspools, have made it impossible for Texas to even have a fair election in the first place.  We aren't even second class citizens.  Two senators when we should have twenty, an electoral college that means our vote isn't even recorded when it comes to the presidency, and all sorts of court rulings that says a dead person's vote is as good as our own, and there's nothing we can do to stop it.  We're simply disenfranchised thralls.

All I can do is sit on the sidelines and watch the fate of our country.  But someone else out there might live in Ohio, and this is why they should support the Republicans this November:

In all three debates, Obama kept repeating the same tired lines.  Education, education, education.  More funding for education, more funding for health care, more funding for everything.  He's repeating the same tired lies that somehow, magically, educated workers = skilled workers = high-paid workers.  This coming at the same time as 50% of college graduates can't find a college-degree level job.  This coming at a time when only 1/3 of PhD's work in the job of their field.  Education isn't the answer, it has never been the answer, it is just a black hole of wasted time, energy, and money that devours ever more of our youth.  How could education possibly help?  People don't learn job skills in school.  They only learn boring, meaningless trivia that has no use outside of school itself.  Education can't turn a stupid person into a smart person, so what's the use?  The vast majority of Americans are too stupid to get a useful degree, like becoming a doctor or engineer.  Even if you attempted to send them all to college, they'd just all fail their courses, flunk out, and lose a ton of money on college loans they can't pay back because they can't find a job.  What kind of brilliant plan for the future is this?  Obama is completely divorced from reality.  Neither common sense nor statistics can reach him anymore.  He thinks there's this magical education land where everyone can go to and it's just like heaven.  School is his God that can miraculously cure any woe in the country, from gun violence to trade deficits to unemployment.  He is apparently completely oblivious to the fact that even if we started educating people with 'more teachers' and 'more money' today, it would take twenty years for his bright new plan to show any effect, by which time it will be far too late to help the people struggling now in America today.

When a forty year old black man asked Obama what reason he had to feel hopeful if Obama were to be re-elected in 2012 in the second debate, Obama completely ignored the man's question and started talking about all the wonderful opportunities he would create for people by hiring more teachers and giving more funds to education.  Was Obama seriously suggesting to every underemployed and unemployed adult in the country to go back to college?  With what savings?  With what chance of actually passing the courses?  How would colleges even support such a massive increase in applicants?  I felt so sorry for the middle aged, tired, defeated black man listening to Obama basically say 'you're on your own, I don't care about you.  I only care about teenagers going to college and getting an education.'

Obama is not going to help this economy.  He's only going to hurt it more.  He has poised tough new Environmental Protection Agency laws that will basically ban the emission of carbon dioxide, this in a time of unprecedented growth in our oil, gas, and coal industries.  The one chance America has to restore its prosperity -- becoming an exporter of energy instead of an importer to make up for our imbalance in manufactured goods -- is the number one target of Obama's 2nd term.  He won't allow the keystone pipeline to be built, he won't allow coal plants to be built, he won't allow anything to be built.  When Obamacare comes into law, there will be a massive firing-off all across the country as employers find it impossible to support the additional costs to providing health insurance for their employees.  Unemployment will skyrocket yet again, and we're already at only 64% workforce participation, the lowest number in decades.  Obama will give yet more money to his cronies, unions and minorities and women and all sorts of special interests, while increasing taxes on the actually productive class who desperately need that money to invest in their businesses and create new economic opportunities/jobs/wealth.  He will destroy everything he touches, like the grim economic reaper.

This country desperately needs a reprieve from Democratic mismanagement.  Four years after the second worst depression in our history, we still haven't gotten back to where we started from.  We'll never get back to the starting line until the Democrats are voted out of office.  Romney promises some common sense solutions that will definitely improve America's economy.  Not magical thinking about education.  Not hiring more teachers or giving more money to unions.  He wants to cut corporate income taxes, which allows businesses to be based in America instead of hiding overseas.  He wants to exploit our offshore oil and shale gas industries, instead of banning them all on phantom environmental fears that have never even happened.  He wants to get rid of the most egregious features of Obamacare and free us from a totalitarian governmental power grab.  Romney doesn't have a perfect domestic or foreign policy, but who needs perfect when you're running against Obama?

Just a president who stopped hurting America every day would be such an upgrade from President Obama that voting for a cat, or a sparrow, or a pink flamingo yard decoration would be preferable.  Whatever Romney's flaws, they are utterly insignificant compared to what Obama has in store for us.

Romney will be in a position to nominate several supreme court justices, and lower court justices, during his term.  Since courts are all-powerful in this country, and have the final say on every law, even above what Congress says, it is absolutely crucial that these justices are as conservative as possible.  When Obama is in office, the courts magically find that the framers of the constitution, in 1776, had already given gays the right to legally sanctioned marriage.  They find that asking voters for their ID's to stop non-citizens from voting is somehow racist and discriminatory, despite the fact that it's in the law that only citizens can vote.  They find that somehow, even though immigrating into this country without attaining permission is illegal, it is somehow even more illegal to make any attempt to prevent said immigration, whether you live in Arizona or Alabama.  Who has ever heard of a law that is illegal to enforce?  Paradox much?  Romney may not appoint the best judges, but they might not be as egregious as the rulings we are seeing under Obama.  And at least Romney wouldn't have sued the entire state of Arizona just for trying to enforce the laws already written in the books of the United States federal government.

Now is our chance to judge Obama by his fruits.  Bucking all the hateful stereotypes against white Americans that liberals have spewed for decades, white voters delivered Obama the presidency.  It's always good to show that we do not hate blacks for no reason, just out of blind prejudice.  But that election year is over.  Now Obama has presided over a complete train wreck of an economy for four years straight, and only rambles aimlessly about education which he has not improved in the previous four years, and will not be able to improve in the next four either.  Now we can judge him not on his skin color, but the job he has done as president.  Any white president presiding over the same economy, any white president performing so miserably in the past three debates, would be unelected by a landslide.  It's time to stop the double standard and judge Obama by merit, just like anyone else.

We need some real hope and change to come back to America.  Not 'education save us, education preserve us, education rule us, in your mercy we are sheltered, in your wisdom we are humbled, education, education, education.'  Oil, gas, coal, low taxes, less red tape, a balanced budget and power flowing back to the people, instead of government bureaucrats.  Romney has real, concrete answers that could make a huge change in people's daily lives.  We have lost $4,300 a person per year electing Obama.  We could make $8,000 a year more if we just elect Romney.  Please, please, vote for Mitt Romney and a Republican congress this coming election, so we can all start breathing again.

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Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike Obongo from the Congo I don't think Mittens is much better. Things won't improve until we

1. Deport the black plague
2. Deport the Mexicants
3. Create an IQ based society where natural IQ, not a useless piece of paper, determined how much you were worth and how much money you would make.