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Monday, October 1, 2012

October Updates:

A lot of good things have come out recently and many more are going to come out soon.  If people aren't keeping track, here is what's transpired:

On September 25th, the new World of Warcraft expansion was released, Mists of Pandaria.  It has been super fun.  The monk class is amazing, the visuals are gorgeous, the gameplay is fluid.  It's the best WoW has ever been.

On September 22nd, meanwhile, Doki fansubs released a translated version of Tomoyo After Story, a visual novel that covers the last portion of Clannad's epic tale.  This story isn't as famous or beloved because it starts with a bunch of hard core sex scenes, which turns off a huge audience before the story even gets a chance to start.  But if you just zoom through that -- keep your eyes closed if you want -- and get to the actual plot portion of the story, you'll realize this is still Key and still full of amazing characters and is incredibly moving, just like always.  There's no excuse for passing up an opportunity to read more Clannad.  Clannad is God, and Doki is now its messenger.  Good work, Doki!

Coalgirls has released the rest of Suite Precure on blu-ray.  It took a long delay, but it's finally done.  Good work Coalgirls on bringing Pretty Cure into the high definition world.

We are all waiting on Pretty Cure Splash Subs to release the final episode of Yes Pretty Cure subbed, but at least the first 48 are out thanks to their efforts.  Yes Pretty Cure Go Go is still stuck at only 28 subtitled episodes.  We are tightening the noose though.  A year ago, most of Pretty Cure was unavailable to the non-Japanese speaking world.  Thanks to a few devoted fansub groups, we're only lacking 1/2 of one season now.  Out of 9 seasons of Pretty Cure, that's pretty dang good.  When all of Pretty Cure is subbed and Smile Precure finishes -- (and we see whether there's a new season of Precure after Smile Precure, always a terrifying question) -- it will probably have overtaken Clannad as the greatest anime ever.  It will also have overtaken One Piece as the longest good anime ever.  Smile Precure is going to set a lot of records.

Clannad is great, but the problem is it ended years ago.  It's not even 1/9 as long as Pretty Cure is now.  And Pretty Cure just keeps going.  Maybe if they animated the Clannad visual novel Tomoyo After Story, Clannad could compete again, but right now we would have to say each episode of Clannad is better than 9 episodes of Pretty Cure.  That's just unbelievable.  Pretty Cure is too good to be counted as 1/10th of anything or anyone else.  Smile Precure tends to be the best episode, all on its own, that's aired all week in Japan.  How can it possibly be 1/9 as good as Clannad?  And Pretty Cure just keeps expanding.  If it isn't good enough yet, what about when it makes a tenth season?  An eleventh?  A twelfth?  Where do you draw the line?  I'll wait for Smile Pretty Cure to come out and Yes Pretty Cure Go Go to be subbed.  At that point, there will be all 9 seasons competing fairly with Clannad's anime release.  It may be six months or a year or more for that to happen, so Clannad can enjoy its stay on top for a little longer.

Coalgirls has released the rest of Idolmaster in blu-ray as well.  It joins Kobato in the ranks of high ranking series with *finally* blu-ray support.  With Kobato and Idolmaster down, the most pressing gaps in anime archiving are now gone.  It's a worry-free life from here.

If that weren't enough, the newest episode of Code Geass came out a couple days ago.  It was pretty awful, but it isn't often when the #4 ranked series in all of anime gets more content, so go watch it anyway.  There was also a new episode of Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai, which was hilarious and perfect.  So when a great episode of a #69 ranked series is released, it's best to watch that too.

Magic's Return to Ravnica set is coming out this week, but it doesn't seem that interesting this time around.  Innistrad was cooler.

Lastly, the fall anime season officially began with the release of episode one of Shin Sekai Yori.  It appears to be a futuristic dystopia created by too harsh eugenics standards.  As a supporter of eugenics, even bad press is good press, because at least now someone is talking about it.  Usually it's just treated as a 'pseudo-science' that could never work, despite the fact that we regularly breed every other plant and animal for preferred traits every day in the real world.  To say it could work, but would produce bad results, is a huge step forward.  Hopefully Shin Sekai Yori will deliver its message in an entertaining manner in the meantime, but its too shrouded in mystery to come to any firm conclusion about how good it is as of yet.

The remainder of the fall season is just around the corner.  Little Busters is only five days away.  It's the best time of the year.  When a new anime season has begun, every day is Christmas.  Never mind that Obama's going to crush Romney in a month, forget all about the outside world, and enjoy the best games and shows the world has ever made.  The world won't mind, it will carry on the same as before whether you care about it or not, and you'll be all the happier for it.

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