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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nothing Happens in June:

It's June, which means -- Nothing!

Starting in July, we get the summer anime season.  We also get the summer Olympics.  A few good old anime series will release their blu-ray versions in June, like Suite Precure, The Idolmaster, and Nichijou, but they'll only be subbed in July at the earliest.

Saimoe 2012, which should be the most fiercely contested Saimoe ever, since it has returning champions from five different years, starts in -- you guessed it -- July!

Is there anything good about June whatsoever?

The fourth of July is a national holiday.  But the fourth of June doesn't matter to anyone.  Thanks a lot, June!

We are still waiting on Fresh Pretty Cure.  It's at 49/50 eps subbed.  Kobato still has no blu-ray subbed version release.  Yes Pretty Cure 5! is at 44/49 eps subbed.  Yes Pretty Cure 5 GoGo is at 19/48 eps subbed.  This is great progress for the 2nd greatest anime series ever.  But it's still not done!  No doubt it will be finished in July.

As for the 1st best series, the Clannad, Tomoyo After Story visual novel is set to be fansubbed by the great people over at Doki, fully translated, in -- July!

 Still no progress on Steins;Gate blu-ray.  The Berserk movie is out, which is great, but it is, after all, just a remake of the same arc covered by the earlier anime tv series.  Not much to get excited about.

Working Season 2 is out in blu-ray, as is Squid Girl Season 2.  These are major 'catches' we can be happy about, even though their lower resolution versions have been around for half a year.  But the blu-ray of the K-On movie, which will be the first time the larger world can see it, comes out in -- July!

Magic: The Gathering 2013 comes out in -- July!

The Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage movie comes out in blu-ray in -- July!

It's a vast conspiracy.  The whole world has decided to make June the least fun month in the year.  It's only the 4th of June, and I'm already tired of it.  It's time to move on to the next month already.

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