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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Case for America:

A strong country can put up with a lot of nonsense inside its borders. This is why blacks who make entire cities unlivable are no big deal. Whites can just move elsewhere and start over again. Ultimately, America's per capita GDP, at $48,000+, is so high as to be simply ludicrous to complain about. Somehow or other, Americans are getting by, despite all the depredations of black criminals, and are doing better than 99.9% of the world's population.

America is the wealthiest large nation on Earth. We have a bill of rights, a vast, almost unoccupied continent full of natural resources and beautiful scenery, the most innovative companies and research Universities in the world, the strongest military on Earth with a spotless record of always being the good guys in every conflict, we field the greatest Olympic team every summer and have the most exciting, diverse sports leagues in the world. It was America who put a man on the moon and America who split the atom. It was America that created the first large democracy and spread its philosophy of consent of the governed, human rights, rule of law, and peaceful trade/development across the world.

America is a ridiculously great nation, our stats are just out of this world above all of our competitors in every field. We are also a very good nation. We take care of our poor and don't oppress the weak, domestically or abroad, even though we easily could with our unmatched military. We defeated the threat of World Communism and stood up for the little guys like Kuwait.

It is almost impossible for an innocent person to be convicted of a crime in America, something not even European countries can justly say. We have dozens of safeguards, retrials, and a jury system that prevents state abuses and corruption. For that matter, we're one of the least corrupt countries on Earth.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may have been a foolish waste of money, but they certainly weren't malicious or harmful. We unseated evil dictatorships with giant long lists of human rights abuses and have dramatically improved their economies in the last ten years. All Iraqis and Afghans are living in the most free, rich environment in their entire history. If we invade Iran, no doubt we'll unseat their dictatorship and give them a huge economic boom too. Calling America evil for our foreign interventions just smacks of ingratitude and hyperbole. Wasteful, dumb, irrational? Sure. Evil? No.

The US dollar is considered the safest investment in the world. No matter how far we go into debt, our bonds sell at a lousy 1% interest rate. That's a universal vote of confidence in our nation.

The whole world learns English so that it can do business with America.

We're the head of the United Nations, which is based in New York City. We basically are the world government, everyone else who sits there is just window dressing who have come to hear what their marching orders are from us. Likewise for the WTO, IMF, etc. America is the most powerful broker in all international organizations.

As home to the vast majority of Ashkhenazi Jews on Earth, we have the most intelligent race on Earth working for us. It's no wonder we stay at the head of the class in terms of Nobel Prizes, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, etc. We were the first country to treat Jews well enough that they settled in and intermarried with the population at large. American Jews, with a 50% out-marriage rate, are rapidly assimilating with the American people at large, which will give the American people a permanent genetic advantage over the rest of the world.

We are the brain magnet of the rest of the world. People of all nations flock here for economic opportunity and freedom, enriching the rest of us with their intellectual abilities working for our bottom line.

In the face of all these strengths, it's absurd to be talking about how blacks, a mere 13% of the population, are going to ruin or destroy anything. Blacks are powerless, they're a minor detail of America, worth no more than a passing blip of thought on our mental radars. Yes, blacks exist in America. Yes, they cause all sorts of trouble, which inevitably leads them to jail or welfare. But who cares? Most of the damage is contained within their own little ghettos, while the rest of us live out our days in peace and quiet. Since we have $48,000+ to work with, we can easily afford to put every single black in America in jail or on welfare, and not even notice the difference.

Now, if Hispanics were anywhere nearly as destructive as blacks, doomsayers might have an argument. But Hispanics don't cause much trouble in Texas, which is one of the most thriving corners of the American economy. California, with its crazy environmental regulations that basically ban electricity, destroyed itself long before Hispanics became a large part of their population. It's liberalism, not Hispanics, that made it impossible for businesses to succeed in California. They do just fine down here in Texas.

A few laws could solve any and all problems involving Hispanics: Make English the official language of the United States and teach everyone in public school in English, no other language. Build a wall so no further illegal immigrants can trespass into America. Raise the minimum wage so cheap labor is no longer cheap and the magnet to unskilled workers dries up forever. If we raise the minimum wage to, say, $12 an hour, it's unlikely Hispanic wage competition will drive down the wages of white unskilled workers, because such a thing would be straight out illegal. If this causes mass unemployment? Well then, the problem isn't Hispanics, but the fact that workers can't even produce $12 of value in the economy per hour anymore, which is something far more fundamentally askew. The answer to that is the citizen's dividend, but other answers could be mandating companies hire and train workers as apprentices despite what they claim is unaffordable, or just hiring people directly through the government like we did during the Great Depression.

This country isn't just filling up with Hispanics, however. It's also importing massive numbers of super-competent Asians, the largest rising demographic group in America. It's also got a super fertile, super smart, super moral subset of Mormons who are now as populous as Jews in America. There are other trends going on here, which are as promising as Hispanic IQ is depressing. It's extremely likely that assimilated Hispanics will decrease their birth rates to match the American norm. After all, birth rates in Mexico are below replacement. After their initial 'excitement' of being here, there doesn't seem to be any reason for their hyper fertility. America won't become Mexico North. Asians, various subsets of whites, and other groups simply won't hand power over to a poor, uneducated peasant class.

No matter how high a percentage of Americans total are of Hispanic heritage, the only thing that matters in terms of power is their percentage of the smart fraction. Even though Hispanics are already far more numerous than blacks in America, they have far less influence on America, because blacks are more entrenched in the power structure (heck, we have a black president.) This trend will continue forever. Hispanics will be practically invisible in America's future, despite their huge numbers. They will not have a major positive or negative impact to our country's direction. Most likely they'll interbreed with whites and disappear as a distinct group entirely.

Worrying about what harm blacks or Hispanics are going to do to this country is too hysterical. We basically know how much blacks will harm us in the future -- the same amount they're harming us today, which can't be much given our per capita GDP is $48,000+, and all the other nice things I said about America above. There are plenty of indicators that Hispanics haven't harmed Texas in the present, and they won't harm America in the future too. There are ways to alleviate all possible danger blacks and Hispanics pose through careful law changes, without targeting either group for oppression or elimination. IE, anyone worried about these groups could, instead of proposing extreme measures built out of extreme paranoia or extreme hatred, propose some moderate solution just as easily and ditch all the paranoia and hate.

The groups we really need to worry about are the ones sending us off cliffs: Capitalists who intend to monopolize all the wealth and income in the entire country for themselves, environmentalists who want to shut down all fossil fuel production, religious freaks who want to push their silly myths down our public education system, libertines who want to disband the family entirely, etc. The trends we should be worrying about are unemployment, income inequality, below replacement fertility rates, divorce rates, the public debt, illegitimacy rates, mental illness rates, the number of people without health insurance, drug use, smoking, drinking, personal debt levels, etc. There are real problems in America, and there are no racial solutions to them. Racial thinking is simply of no use in these issues, which are about a lot more than race. The sooner we stop talking about race the sooner we can start talking about real issues of real political merit.

There is only one more issue concerning race that must be solved: Whites must stop being blamed for non-white failure. We must solve this issue by proving once and for all the genes behind the disparate outcomes between whites and non-whites. Presumably, whites aren't to blame for the ancestral genome of other races, and therefore we can finally stop being demonized for sins we never did, now and in the past, forever. I would give endless funding to researchers with this noble goal in mind. Once that achievement happens, and it will, the march of genome sequencing is too strong to ever be stopped, all issues concerning race can be retired forever.

America is a great country and its best days are ahead of it, not behind it. We are going to keep getting richer, stronger, and happier. Wise decisions can prevent a lot of hardship in the future, but we'll muddle through no matter what we do, because the human and natural resources in America are just too vast to deplete no matter what we do. In any event, the singularity is going to happen this century, and no political policy would be disastrous enough to prevent that. With atom sized transistors, AI is just around the corner. Machines with human intelligence fueled by limitless, cheap solar power are within sight. Space flight carrying these machines (which won't need radiation shielding because they're freaking made of metal, and metal is strong) about is only a quick hop after that. We've already found, and will find many more, Earth-like, habitable planets for our new machine people to fly to once they've boarded. To imagine that some minor policy decision on tariffs or the like is going to prevent this singularity is laughably myopic.

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Anonymous said...

Our deficit is astronomical... Have you seen the depressing state of our economy? I do agree that blacks are not threat and never will. They still are incredibly annoying though.