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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fairy Tail Blue Mistral volume 4 available:

Now up at the amazon store, for kindle or in paperback, the conclusion to Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral!  This was the absolute best of the spinoffs by far.  Wendy Marvell is the most beautiful girl in creation and the artist literally cast her as an angel, and drew her angelic grace, for the final four chapters!

Ah man, it doesn't get any better than that.

Even when the entirety of the main line Fairy Tail manga is animated, Fairy Tail's value added manga won't drop much.  Between the 100 Years Quest sequel and all the spinoffs, Fairy Tail is still one of the best manga-only products around.  I'll probably drop it to #18 just below Eden's Zero when that day arrives. 

Since Blue Mistral will never be animated, everyone should just go buy a copy of their own and enjoy heaven on Earth -- again, literally!  Literally!  Wendy's literally an angel!!!!!!!!!!!

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