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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Dragon Ball Super Rewatched:

The episodes that weren't covering the same material as the movies have now all been properly rewatched.  I already rewatched the two movies long ago.  Together that makes the entirety of Dragon Ball Super both watched and rewatched, proving itself a worthy successor to the original.

There's nothing cooler in this universe than Goku standing around glaring at people, and that's just a simple fact.  Goku is so cool that even the villains are cooler when they're impersonating Goku.

I also love what they did with Android 17 this time around.  He suddenly became this cool and collected main character hero that's the exact opposite of Goku's childishness.

Even though our heroes have achieved amazing strength, none of them are invincible.  Without help, they would have all been knocked off the ring multiple times.  It was a true team effort and team victory, the sweetest kind.  There's nothing in Dragon Ball like it, the greater universe tournament.  It was a welcome addition to the canon and really leaves nothing else wanting.  I kind of wish they'd just end the series here, it's so perfect as is.

Super is the sequel we deserved, unlike that wretched furry GT.  Akira Toriyama really is irreplaceable.

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