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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Shichisei no Subaru, Island Dropped:

All these shows ever had going for them were good art/music/voice acting.  The plots were awful.  The characters were awful.  Even the settings were awful.  Eventually too many offensive things pile up and offset the enjoyment one gets from just the sights and sounds.  Like a great tourist location except the police pull you over and do a full body strip search every five hours.

These aren't good series, so there's no point watching them to the end.  That brings the summer season down to 11 shows worth following, which is still probably better than it deserves.

Fate/Grand Order is getting a new tv anime and movie.  I suppose that's a step up from the awful Last/Encore, but all I really wanted was more Kaleid/Liner.  Oh well, it has to be better than Island.

Some new chapters of Fairy Tail: Raigo Issen were translated, which is a good sign for a series that's been long abandoned.

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