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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Kiniro Mosaic in, Naruto out:

The entirety of Kiniro Mosaic's manga volume 6 was released to fan websites recently, which meant there were now 76 worthwhile manga series in need of tracking.  I preferred the round number of 75, so I cut Naruto from my list of must-read manga.  The anime covers everything anyone would want or need to see now anyway.  With the Naruto Kai/Cut to manga anime version released, the manga has even less use than before.  And the Boruto manga isn't by Kishimoto so it's hardly must-read material.

Fairy Tail is getting a sequel manga written by Mashima but drawn by someone else.  The writing is the more important aspect, though, so that is a must read sequel.  Boruto is not.

It turns out volume 6 of Kiniro Mosaic isn't as good as the content the anime previously covered was, though.  It's just repetitive jokes we've all seen before combined with the occasional fantastic artwork.  Sort of like a worse version of New Game. . .

Well, something is better than nothing.  But I can see why they haven't made a third season of this anime.  Nothing really happens anymore, so what's the point?

There's no value added to reading Major manga anymore, either.  The anime has caught up with the currently translated portion of the manga and surpassed it.  Maybe someday Major 2nd will be a useful manga to read, but certainly not now.

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