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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Anime Chronology now Includes Death Note, Gosick and Binbou Shimai:

My ever-improving top anime rankings permapost had a clerical error where only 197 of my top 200 anime showed up in the chronology portion.  Now the missing three series are included and all 200 properly show up in their chronology timeline, with the nice new 'bold text' feature for when they originated.  Now you can trace the waxing and waning of anime as a whole just by looking at how many entries, and how many bold entries which may be even more important, there were per year.

Meanwhile, I completed the Shaman Order Hall campaign.  Now only the Priest campaign is left.  I also recruited my first allied race, the Nightborne, which came with a rad new mount to boot.  The best moments in WoW are when there's a lot of new content left to do and it's easy enough to actually make swift progress on said new content.  Since those two factors are in contradistinction to each other, this eudemonic state can only last for a short period of time, but right when a new expansion is coming out is exactly that time.  It doesn't get any better than this.  Best of all, the game is completely free to play, since you can buy both the expansion and the game time with in-game earned gold.  All you have to do to keep playing the game for free is to keep playing the game and earn the gold that playing the game naturally earns.  For such a AAA project to be completely free to play is unprecedented.  Blizzard really does take the cake as a gaming company.

It's no wonder WoW is my #1 game franchise of all time.  Free to play, most content of any series, great gameplay, wonderful lore, plot, setting, music, and 36 different specializations to play as any conceivable character you want.  What more could you ask for?  (Other than non-texture based armor models, that is. . .)

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