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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Spain-Portugal, best game ever?:

At no time did either team lead by more than 1 goal, and by the end it was all tied up at 3-3.  Goals rained down like a torrent and Ronaldo showed why he's the best ever with his own personal hat trick.  The passing, trapping and shooting displayed unbelievable levels of skill.  Everything moved exactly the way the players intended, on both sides.  I seriously cannot remember a better game of soccer than the one I witnessed yesterday.  And this was just the second day of the competition.

When both teams play that well a draw is the only fair result.  I would've hated to see either team lose that day, after the performances they put in.  This was the ideal ending to the ideal game  I can't wait to see what the World Cup has in store for us as a whole if this is just the appetizer.

Meanwhile, the Angel Beats: Knocking on Heaven's Door manga has suddenly received a lot of translation support.  Now we're almost to the ending, when before we were going nowhere.

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