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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Last Ranker, Heroes of Mana and Live a Live Music:

Last Ranker, Heroes of Mana and Live a Live combined for 105 new songs to Yoko's credit.  Last Ranker had 32 quality songs, Heroes of Mana had 43 and Live a Live had 30.  All massive successes.  In the past I've downloaded video game soundtracks and ended up with 1 or 2 songs worth mentioning.  30 to 40 is heaven on Earth.

Radiant Historia and Legend of Mana were also great successes.  I've just been raking in the songs over the past couple days.  The new music hall of fame stands at 5274 songs, 11.9 days in length.

Yoko Shimomura personally is up to 276 songs, more than double what she had just a week ago.

It's a solid 5th place, but still nowhere near Sakimoto's 340 songs.  Which will grow yet more once Valkyria 4's ost comes out.

This is the last of the low-lying Shimomura fruit, so I doubt she'll ever catch up with Sakimoto, but it's still a terrific performance as-is.  I'd say Yoko Shimomura is the most accomplished female artist in history.  I tip my hat to her.

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