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Friday, May 11, 2018

Wolf and Parchment volume 2 available:

This book came out commercially a couple weeks ago, but now it's available for free at  Good work nyaa, now our spice and wolf adventures can resume once more.

Just when I'd caught up with all the books I was obligated to read due to them being in my books hall of fame, another spice and wolf book comes out.  Will the trials never cease?

Meanwhile, I found another remix.  'Far Away' by Hayato Matsuo is just a worse version of Ogre Battle's Accretion Disk.  The saddest part here is I didn't figure out this obvious copycat until I had heard it for the 41st time.  There's good reason for my 'listen to every song 100 times' rule.  Otherwise criminals like this would keep getting away.

This shrunk my collection down to 4840 songs, so I went on the hunt for some more new music to shore things up again.  I decided on Fantasy Earth Zero and Gauntlet IV, additional works by Hitoshi Sakimoto.  Supposedly other composers worked on Fantasy Earth Zero, but I can't find any decent description of who composed what, so I'll just credit Sakimoto for them all.  The same for Gauntlet IV.  It gives co-credit to Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata for every song, so I'll just credit them all to Sakimoto as the 'senior' composer of the two.

In other news, Nanoha Vivid is being scanlated again, after half a year's pause or so.  Thank goodness. This is the only Nanoha manga that's truly interesting in the first place, so it was disturbing to see it left behind for lesser works.

I also find it hilarious that they needed to do a 'recap ep' for Full Metal Panic this week after only producing 4 episodes.  This after having 12 years to do the anime and a six month delay from when they originally announced it would air.  Exactly how incompetent is Xebec that it would be resorting to these tactics already?  *sigh*.   FMP deserved better.

May was looking a bit too empty, but with Parchment and Wolf and new Sakimoto music to judge I guess things ain't that bad.

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