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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Owarimonogatari Ge Rewatched:

My rewatch of all of Bakemonogatari in chronological order included two seasons I hadn't rewatched yet -- Kizumonogatari at the beginning of the chronology and Owarimonogatari Ge at the end of the chronology.  It was a long journey but now I've properly rewatched the ending season as well.

Knowing who Ougi was from the beginning really helped me understand the series better.  I now knew why Ougi knew everything Koyomi knew, and why it was important to keep Koyomi out of the loop whenever it was time to plot against Ougi.  A lot of things fell nicely into place.  Ougi not only knew everything Koyomi consciously knew, but also what he subconsciously or unconsciously knew, as well as knowing whatever information Ougi gained on her own.  By knowing all these useful things, she could ask Koyomi all those leading questions so successfully and thus teach him all the things he had forgotten or chose to ignore.

Some arcs of Bakemonogatari I could do without.  They just feel forced and lifeless, like any time he's interacting with Kanbaru or Ononoki.  But oh well, it's a long series and you can't win them all.  Contrariwise, any time he spent with Mayoi positively scintillated.  Shinobu and Nadeko time was also precious.

Zokuowarimonogatari should be coming soon, after which I can rewatch Hanamonogatari and complete the cycle.

I got one more good song out of Bakemonogatari, 'Fast Love'.  That was Chiwa Saitou's third song, so I had to put her in my eminent composers list.  To make room I dropped Tomofumi Tanizawa down to non-eminent status.  The new total for my music hall of fame is 4829.

Next on my list of rewatch targets is Dragon Ball Super.

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