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Monday, May 21, 2018

Music Hall of Fame +133:

In addition to the 13 Sarah Brightman songs, the 4 Frank Peterson songs, the 1 Andrew Lloyd Weber song, the 1 Ace of Base song, the 3 No Doubt songs and the 6 Madonna songs (28 in all), that's an influx of 151 songs.  Not bad.

So who else won in these new sweepstakes?

Loreena McKennitt +14, including 7 new songs from her new album Lost Souls.  This new album really saved Loreena's honor, she would've been left in the dust by everybody else without it.

Vanessa Carlton +11, almost doubling her previous total.

Bjork +14, more than doubling her previous total.

The Cranberries +23, even if the singer dies her spirit lives on in me.

Garbage +14, plus I added 'Show Me' back in which I had recently taken out in the spirit of overall forgiveness, so really +15.

Enya +28, exactly doubling her previous total.  I feel like I've gotten a better ear for distinguishing her songs from one another.  I've leveled up my Enya appreciation skill.

Tori Amos +29, almost doubling her previous total and the big winner.

Though of course the actual big winner was me, who now has access to so many more wonderful songs than before.  I don't even consider this a lowering of standards, it's more like just having a more attuned sense to the true value of things and not being that swine pearls were cast before.

Compared to the 151 songs that were accepted, about 300 songs from my 2 star girl rock playlist were rejected.  This was by no means a free ticket to the high life.  Just a fair shot at the title.

Next up, it's time to evaluate the new Inazuma 11 (Yasunori Mitsuda) music.

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