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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Kid Icarus: Uprising and Mario Party Music:

When I have a lot of new music to choose from, I become very picky.  I don't want to flood my hall of fame with subpar songs and dilute the overall product.  As a result, Kid Icarus: Uprising only netted me three new songs, all by Motoi Sakuraba.  Mario Party was childish in tone as expected and thus totally worthless.

Inazuma 11 was another story.  This was genuine Yasunori Mitsuda music.  Despite the childish premise, he just went all in like the galaxy was at stake.  After such a positive first impression from the first game in this series, I downloaded all the sequels I could.  Now I have to carefully judge not just Inazuma 11, but Inazuma 11 2, Inazuma 11 3 and Inazuma 11 Strikers.

Sadly, there's no way to tell if they're really by Mitsuda or one of his co-composers.  Like usual, I'll assume that if the music is good it must be by Mitsuda and forcefully solve the issue.  But if the song is good, I can't just ignore it because of petty details like not knowing its name or the composer's name.  I want to own all the great music in the world, to do that some compromises must be made.

Due to the giant influx of Inazuma music my judging is going to take a while longer.  Hopefully I can come to some concrete conclusions about Stella Glow and Deep Labyrinth today, and work on Inazuma exclusively in the days to come.  With this much music to choose from, it's even reasonable to hope Mitsuda takes back 3rd place in my rankings.  It would only take 51 hits out of ~150 chances.

Meanwhile, it turns out BanG Dream! won't really be an anime in the future, but a cg work in anime style.  Kemono Friends was good, so maybe BanG Dream! will be too.  But odds are it won't be, because virtually every other cg anime has been unwatchable.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Given how piss poor the Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou animation was, though, I'd gladly take a cg series that actually moves instead.  If those are the options available to idol type anime, I'll take cg every time. . .

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